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SUN COLLECTIVE: Barbara Weinberg (Arl Director), Kathy Keite) (Production Manager), iïaine Wrighi (Production, Calendar), David I enton (Business Manager), Toni Pomaski (Advertisfalg Manager), Dianiu' Riplcy (Office Manager and Layout). Gary Keil (Arf and Layout). MANA(;iNG EDITORS: Ellen Mottniaii. David Stoll, Pun Plamondon, Barbara Weinberg, David Fenton. C0NTR1BUTING EDITORS: Bill Adler (Music), Michael Castleman (I roe Peopie's Cünic), I Hen Frank (Movies), Torn Kuzma (Science). John Sinclar (Tournier). WRITERS: Jim Dulzo, Marty Stern, Bruce Weinberg, luil Grint, Rich Fox, Linda Russ ART& PRODUCTION: Malt I airey. ToiH Kuina, Chris Irayne, Mike Minnich. DISTRIBUTION & CIRCULATION STAFF: I rank Bach, Peggy I aube, Bill Hyerlc , Pat Curtís, Joel Augustine, Charlie Nelson, Cari Hopper, Storm) . Ace, Jake "The Shake" Woods, Lisa, Mark Mallory, Greg Fox, Darryl Brown, John Voisine. LOCAL ADVERTISING SALES: Toni Pomaski, Bill Koopman, Bill Byerley, Kathy Kellcy, Barbara Weinberg. VOLUNTEER HELPTHIS ISSUE: Margie Kdley, Rich Droviland, David Goodman, Vk-ki Morgan, Peggy Skalsey, Andre By, Denise Angela Rickman. Kon Robbins, Sleve Kagan, Stephen (íraham Cire" Lul. l.nk Clancj COVER: (over Design by Barbara Weinberg. Ann Arbor SUN Vol. 3 Issue No. 3, Jan. 31-Feb. 14, 1975 The Ann Arbor Sun is published bi-weekly by the Ann Arbor Sun,. Inc., a registered Michigan non-profit corporation. Offices are at 603 E. William, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Business & editorial phone: (313)761-7148 Home Delivery phone: (313) 9944337. f SVRI?T.ION WJ? 8 issues for $2.00, 24 issues for $5.50, 48 issues for SI 0.00. All Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti subscriptions are home delivered. Second Class Postage Paid at Ann Arbor Mich s J