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And now, the WINNER! That's right folks, pictured on our cover is an authentic photo of the University of Michigan student who last week received the SUN's grand prize pound of Colombian reefer. For the full story on our contest, a flubbed pólice attempt to Stop it. and the media's involvement in spreading the word, see page 4. Meanwhile, several days after our drawing, secret agents of the Washtenaw Area Narcotics Team (WANT) busted in on an Ypsilanti going away party and proceeded to harrass and do violence to the participants, only netting a small quantity of hashish. David Stoll relates eyewitness accounts of the incident inside this issue, and gets himself attacked wliile photographing one of the agents who look part in the raid. The photo aiso appears within, as part of the SUN's Expose A Nare program to help rid the community of the secret pólice. WANT despite its name, rarely busts people for "narcotics," as arrest records prove. Mostly they move against small quantities of marijuana, hashish, psychedelics and occasionally cocaine. Coming under increasing criticism for its failure to pursue hard drug cases, WANT pulled off a supposedly extensive heroin raid two weeks ago. Upon investigation, we've discovered the raid was designed more as a publicity stunt for WANT than a major bust. Leaving the local forces of law and order alone for a moment, we turn inside to look at one Ann Arborite's recent visit to the People's Republic of China International Trade Fair. Michael Potter of Eden Foods is trading with the enemy, getting bargain deals in the process from the Chinese. ..This week marks the second anniversary of the never implemented Paris Peace Accords. Here in Ann Arbor, the local chapter of the Indochina Peace Campaign has beenwaging an effective campaign to protest the US gove"rnment's refusal to honor its own Nobel-prize winning agreement. A schedule of their activities appears within. Also back home, that pillar of Ann Arbor's economy . the University of Michigan, is getting deep into fresh controversy. Budgets must be cut. so of course innovative programs are the first to go... The Big U Administrators feil into even more hot water this week by offering a black woman the LS&A deanship with no tetiure, a far worse deal than ever offered to males of comparable ability. We examine these issues inside as well. ('ulturally speaking, this SUN offers a guide to the sporadic but rewarding jazz radio programs available to area listeners, record reviews, and reports on Linda Rondstadt at Hill Auditorium, Elvin Jones at the Savoy and the Chicago Blues Stars of Stars at Ann Arbor's Union Ballroom last week. Recently in this column we've been asking that you send us reactions to the content inside. Feedback is theonly way we can discover if the SUN is fulfilling its purpose and satisfying its public. The letters column at the left is all yours, just for the writing. THE FRIENDS OF THE SUN INTERNATIONAL FILM SERIES will present "The Unquiet Death of Juliusand E-thel Rosenberg," a full-scale re-examination of the 1951 RosenbergSobell atomic spy case, next Wednesday, Feb. 12 at 7 and 9pm in the Modern Languages Building. Julius Rosenberg, a machine shop owner on New York's lower east side, and his wife Ethel, were found guilty of passing so-called atomic secrets to the Russians. Their trial and execution raised a hue and cry in the US and around the world. Many feel the Rosenbergs were executed to help silence domestic radical activity in the 1950's. "The Unquiet Death" is a remarkable movie. Don't miss it... Also showing now, the UniOfl Gallery presents an exhibit based on the Rosenberg case. MUSIC NEWS: Sky King and Commander Cody, two Ann Arbor originated bands, will release albums this month... Billy Adler, SUN music writer. has jus. been lured as a substitute disc jockey on WABX in Detroit, which is happily on the verge of expanding its news operation... WIQB is the name for the new version of WNRZ-FM. They're expected on the air around March lst. Lorna Richard's new band Diamond Reo plays country western at Floodsevery Thursday in February, and stops by the Pretzel Bell on Feb. 3... Peachy Cream Productions, ;m inspired gang of Ann Arbor musicians, mimes, dancen and coimes, presents "Fever Pitch." their latest brainchild, Feb. 6-8 at the East Quad Aud. For more info cali 764-1696... Bamboo Productions in Detroit just pulled an inlerestmg promotion by giving away free tickets to a Lynard Skvnard show. The tics went to 300 people who produced current unemployment checks. They got main flooi teats. One final correction. In our last issue, the articie on Local Import Traders didn't mean to imply anything agaiAst the Persian Import House, which is a fitting place to learn aboul Persian culture and artifacts. The next SUN will be out riglu on its biweekly schedule Friday, February 14th. The issue will be a special Valentine's Day SexSexism feature, with articles on the women's movement in Ann Arbor, abortions, enhancing enjoyment and other hopcfully tasty tads of stimulating information.