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THE LEGENDARY WEED CONTEST FINALE-The cops hated it, the winner Iloved it. David Fenton tells the inside story of the great marijuana giveaway .... Page 4. NARCS ON THE WAR-PATH-Two recent busts reveal the secret workings of the Washtenaw Area Narcotics Team (WANT), while SUN staffer David Stoll photo. graphs a live one Page 5. I PAPER RADIO- In the local news this week the Big U insults women, landlords lash out at rent control, and a new play on labor history. By Ellen Hoffman .... Page 6. U-M SLICE&BUDGET-With 4 percent money cuts mandates by the State, the UnIiversity plans to cut education first and parking lots last. David Stoll puts it in perspective Page 7. LOCAL-MOTION ROLLING FORWARD-Publicly announced two months ago, the new alternative community funding coop launches collections with a gala fair. Michael Castleman sums up the action, and Ellen Hoffman and Carla Rappaport take a closer look at the member groups Page 8. INFORMED SOURCES-National news editor Pun Plamondon looks at the latest in wortd events, including Sirhan Sirhan's request for a new trial, China's new stitution, the CIA and bunny-boss Hugh Hefner Page 1 1 . ROOTS AND BRANCHES-lt's not quite the Little Red Book, but this week the SUN looks back at some momentous ideas from Chairman Mao. Selected by John Sinclair Page 13. THE ANN ARBORCHINA TRADE CONNECTION-Michael Potter, a prime mover behind natural Eden Foods, reports on his recent trip to the International Trade Fair in the People's Republic in this interview by Linda Ross Page 14. II GREAT BLACK MUSIC ON THE RADIO-Bill Adler reports on where to tune-in for soulinspiring jazz Page 16. MORE Records Page 18. Concerts: Elvin Jones, Linda Ronstadt and Chicago Blues in the .area Page 19. BOOKS- E. Howard Hunt's memoirs; from CIA subversive to Watergate burglar. By Ellen Hoffman Page 21. CLASSIFIEDS-Page22. COMMUNITY CALENDAR-A complete listing of films, music, TV, radio and events for Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit highlights Page 23. 11