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HKTCity ('ommitlee meeting 7pm ui IIRI'nlfice, 516 I . William, Ml Welcome Planetarium Show Museum of Htslor) . 2,3pm, 25t, corner ol Washtenaw & N. Uniersiiv. 764-0478. M(IIU au rhor City ( ouiuil 7:3Opm in City Hall (huron & I iiiln HRP Steering Committee 5pm in HUI' office, 516 E. William Keuilutionary Student Krigade 7:3Dpm m 22D1 Mii higan I rtior ■ Indochina l'eace ('ampaiun meetine-7;3Opni ! s. State HFRSI'LF-Women's community ncu spaper open meeting- 7:30pm, al 22S I . I iberty. Pree l-cgal 1 (Ipni al the I ree People's Clinlc, 761X957 I l I SDAY IIRP l'niversity ( ommittee meeting-7pm in HRP office, 516 l William. All Student welcome. Lesbians Opening-rap group ai I eminisl I ederal ('redil Union, Spui. 225 I I ilicrls . Gay Liberation Front Spin in ïrd Hoor Conf. room sou t fa wing, Michigan Union-, 761-2044 I ree Pap Tests- in llie moming at Si, Joe. cali 668-8857 tor more Information. Cable 3- Ann ArborCit) CouncH meeting, 8:30 pm. Replay ol Monday'i meeting. WFDNFSDAY i'ackard People's Food (O-op meeting- 7: 30pm al the coop, 722 Packard. Women's ( ommunily ('enter Organiing meetingHpm in 3rd fioorconf. room, 1uh. Union. THIRSDAV Men's Rapt- 7:3Opm, Km. 26 I vier, Kast Quad Fourth St. People's Kood C(Kp meeting- 7 :30pm ,it the coop, 212 N. I ourth. 994-91 74 SATL'RDAV Planetarium Museum ol Natural History, 2,3ptn, 25, corner ui W.ivhicn.iw . N. 1 ni orsity, 764-0478. MONDAYSLNDAY Clements Library-I xhibits of r.irc books .nul historica! documentsol early America 1194218501 9am-noon & 1-5 weekdays. S. Univermiv. 764-2347 larmer's Markel-Open Wed. & Sai. 7am-3pm, 3 I 5 Detroit Si. al mriK-r of N. 4ih Ae. Kelsey Museum of Areheology-I xhibiti trom ancien l I pj pi & Greco-Roman antiquilies. Mon.-I ri 'M. Sai. & Sun. M.434 S. Stale, 764-9304 Matthai Rotanical Gardent- Open to the public daily 9am-4:30pm. 1800 Dixboro Rd., 764-1168 l: of M Natural History Museum-Open In ihc public Mon.-Sat. 9-5 pm .nul Sun. 1:30-5 :3-pm, 764-O47K COOPS ('o-op Auto- (car repair) 2232 .S. Industrial, open: 7:3Oaitl-5:3Opm weekdays. ('all 769' 0220 Tourth Si. People's lood Coop-21 2 N. I ourlh Open: Tula Wi-I,. Wed 10-9, I M.I2-K. Sal. lo-6. í: Sun 1-5. Meetings llnirs. niíln 7:30 ini al the COOb. ('all 994-9174 lor more ml". Itemized Food (o-op dood) ('all 663-1 1 1 1 loi distribution región, order L Ihhisc Naked Wrench bicycle repair) ('all the workshop 764-6177. Ra) 761-1733, or Chris 665-0608. Neighborhood Action Center Food Coop (servnii' low income people) ('all 769-3771 or visii the Center al 543 N. Main-ask lor Greg. Paekard People's I ood C'oop-722 Packard O Open: Mon . I nes.. Huir.. IOam-9pm; Iri. l(lam-8pm;Sat. IOam-6pm. ('lean-up starts ,il lOajTI un cdnesda; Meetings Wed. nitlil 7:3Opm. ('all 761-81 73 foi nuire Info. People's Produce Coop (fruits & vegetables ) S4.2 pei week, order a week in advance al 1035 Martin Place, lOam-lpm. I oi mort Info cali Comm. Switchboard 663-1 III. Ypsilanti Food Coop-Sl .oo membership fee allows you lo piek up order lonns ai 40! S. Adams (dislrihulion center) lOam-lpm. I 01 more info cali John 481-0689, Mike 483-S458, (.ladys 485-0067 or Maunc 482-2549.