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"Voulez-vous couchez avec moi, cc soir?" (Do you want to sleep wilh me, toniglit?) croons the all-female vocal trio known as LaBelle on the radio. Sexuality is perhaps the most intriguing subject known to humankind beyond the origin of the cosmos. These days in America it's also more visible a topic than ever before, with hordes of magazines, movies and massage parlois popping up'even in small towns. But while sexuality may be more open than in the past, it is still subject to the twisted whims of puritan morality and commerce. In this special issue of the SUN, we attempt a look at aspects of sexuality not generally discussed in the commercial media. Sex is still mystified. Sex education is still not openly provided in detail in the educational system, so it is left to chance whether children grow up with a healthy attitude, or even grasping the basics of copulation. "The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm" is reprinted inside to this end, a cornerstone piece of writing in the history of the Women's Liberation movement. We also look inside at the Art of Making Love, or as Bonnie Raitt put it, "Baby, You've Got to Know llow." Sexuality is still repressed. Radical psychologist Wilhelm Reich had his books burned and was thrown into prison in this country for researching the function of the orgasm and the effect of stunted sexual expression of the psychology of society. Reich studied Nazi Germany, where he Found lliat cultural sex repression helped breed docilc populations and fascism. While America may be more frank about sox. it still associates it with images of machismo, violence, deceit and hatred. A completely safe and efficiƫnt method of Birth Control s still not available, while most now on the market are harmful in the long 01 short run to women's bodies. (Of course the male-dominated drug industry hasyet to devise a spermacide for men's use). In this issue we take a look away from western chemistry toward ancient birth control methods (erocodile dung, anyone?), and ai fertility's possible relationsliip with astrology. We also present a first-hand account of the abortion experience. HOT GOSSIP OF THE WEEK: The Vaudeville Delicatessens have been padlocked sliut by the Internal Revenue Service for tax evasion... Speaking of the IRS , Project Community at the University is offering a free income tax service for those earning under $20,000 yearly. To contact the service cali 763-3548. Volunteers are IRS trained, for whatever that's worth... The new world endurance record for speed choss was earned last week at David's Books on Liberty... A new acupuncture center, run by a Chinese doctor, has just opened in Poniiac, Michigan, inside the new PontiaC Plaza Building, under the direction of Dr. ('hing Ing Lu. MUSIC NEWS: New albums have just been released by Commander Cody (witli cover art by SUN COMributOr Chris Frayne), Robin Trower, Keith Jarret, Sam Rivers & Dewey Redman... Clive Davis' Arista label, besides promoting black oiator Gil Scott-Heron, is about to release a line selection of modem ja Ips... WABX's banjo marathon has finally ended. Seems like .1 revival of the ll.()'s "Thcy Shoot Horses" endurance contests these days... Lyman Woodard's Organizaron with Norma Bell will appear along with Herbie Hancock next Saturday at HUI... Detroit Blues will come lo the Golden Twentie's Bal neai U-D in Detroit on March 8. leaiuring Bobo Jenkins... The best cut on Tower of Power's new album, "Urban Renewal," is "'It's Not the Crime!!. Robert Redford's new movie is about an internal assasination plot within the (cutral Intelligence Agcncy... WIQB, once known as WNRZ, is expected to annpunce its new fm staff hiring within the week... Radio King ani His Court of Rhythm return to the Midwest lor a stmt at the Savoy March 4-1)... Sky King is an Arm Arbor band, formei ly known as New Heavenly Blue. They've recently signed on with Columbia records, and have a tirst album due out shortly. Their manager used to work at Village Corners .:...