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WILL GEO SHUT DOWN U of M-David Stoll takes a look at the gradúate employ ees' strike Page 4. PAPER RADIO-Local news of note this issue ncludes the final vote at City Council on the controversial revenue sharing funds, more fiscal cuts at the University, and the new Ypsilanti landlordtenant law. By Ellen Hoffman Page 4. A PRIMARY PRIMER- The first move in this year's crucial city elections comes this Monday. Find out who's who Page 6. CITY COUNCI LS QUASH INQUEST OF W.A.N.T.-Following SUN revelations of brutality by undercover nares, Ann Arbor City Council Repubs commend WANT, while the Ypsi Council may yet investígate the controversial team that rarely goes after "narcotics" Page 7. INFORMED SOURCES-takés a look at U.S. arms sales and mercenaries in the Middie East, at the ClA's Sex Traps, and the possibility that New York State may decriminalize marijuana. By Pun Plamondon Page 9. AN INTRODUCTION TO SEX: COMMERCIALLY VIABLE COMMODITYMadison Avenue offers sex in a star-spangled bottle; or why wou ld anyone do a sex issue anyway? Page 10. WILHELM REICH: SEX MOLDS SOCIETY'S PSYCHE-Where does repressed sex uality lead? According to radical psychologist Reich, straight to cáncer or fascism. By Pun Plamondon and Ellen Hoffman Page 10. TALE OF AN UNWANTED PREGNANCY-A personal account of the country's most controversial and simple operation. By Linda Ross Page 13. BIRTH CONTROL: AN ANCIENT PRACTICE-Past civilizations used everything from crocodile dung to honey as contraceptives. Who says birth control is relatively new? By Ellen Frank Page 15. THE ART OF LOVE: "OH BABY, YOU GOTTA KNOW HOW"-Set, setting, proper lubrication; how to get the most out of your orgasms. By Michael Castleman Page 16. THE MYTH OF THE VAGINAL ORGASM-is still a popular one, but the point of orgiastic origination on the female is the clitoris. Reprinted from "Sisterhood Is Powerful" Page 16. RECORDS-New Albums by Buffy St. Marie, Gil Soott-Heron, The Jazz Compos er's Orchestra, and James Brown Page 20. CONCERTS-Led Zeppelin at Olympia. By Chris McCabe Page 21. Fever Pitch at East Quad. By Bill Adler Page 21. MOVIES-"Lenny!" By Ellen Frank Page 22. "We Are The Palestinian People" Page 22. BOOKS-"Natural Birth Control" Review by Genie Plamondon Page 23. CLASSIFIEDS-Page 24 COMMUNITY CALENDAR-For Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and the highlights of Detroit fare Page 26.