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Ufw Wins In Calif And Mich

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Jhere s light at the end of the tunnel, as Lyttdon Johnson used fo repeatedIv teil us. but llns time tliat uppears to bc tiue foi the United Farm Workers ( UFW) and their nuiny years struggJe to organize C alifornia farm workers. A bilí is nearing passage in the California State Legislature Jhat woujd providc farm workers with rights to eolleettve bargaining and democratie talion eleclíons. UFW organims are confideot tliat they would win represen(ation rights if open elections were held. The Teamslers Union, which now holds contracis with the vast majority of grape and lettuce growers, enjoys iittle popular support amor.g field workers themselves and would bc expetted to fare poorly in open eleetions. The farm labor bilí has the backins; not only of the UFW. bui also the growers' lobby and California Governor Edmund Brown. It has eleared the State Sertate, and actioii on il isexpected soon in the State Assembly (lower house). In conjunction with International Farm Workers Week May 4-IÜ, Michigan UFW supporters held an 82-rnile "Farmworkers March for Jtistice"1 from the State Capítol in Lansing to the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Detroit. They billed tire la oï he march as a walk-a-thon and gathered almost S30,000 in pledgcs. Fonds wil) be uscd to sup port organizing efforts, Iteálíh dinics and lega! programs of the UFW in California. Meanwhile, Campus Corners üi Ann Arbor is seeking an injunction that would virtually stop picketting efforts at their store. The Ann Arbor ÜFW Support Committee has been picketting Campus Corners as part of their boycott campaign against Gallo wines. Gallo uses non-UFW labor to piek its grapes. Campus Corners is asking that the committee be banned hom having more tlian one picket at each entrance to the store and these picketters could be no closer 'lun I0 feet from the entranee. UPW supporters would be for'oidden from i rymg signs eailing Campus C orners "untair to labor" for refusal to honor the continued on page 33 - ■ Paper Radio continued trom page 4 Gallo wines boycott. The suit also asks 550,000 in damages from the committee, and is tentatively scheduled tor a hearing May 29. According to support committee members, the following stores have agreed to halt future orders of Gallo producís and cease carrying them once current stocks run out: Sgt. Pepper's General Store, Ralph'sMarket, White's Market, Mendell's Pharmacy, and the Big Ten Party Store. The SUN staff urges readers to support stores that support the boycott. Also, of course, boycotj Gallo anti nonUFW grapes and let tuce from California. "I don't think the Teamsters have a chance, when you're talking about workers who have seen Teamster goons and have worked under Teamster contráete that ha ven' t given them anything." David Super, a local UFW support organizer told the SUN.