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Highland Appliance Co.

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rrw i?BB"E?y aa B,gMaC sch mriL. # iP&SÉSÈf 2L ƒ-!-Y" "e9U!ar rmk % Y a_ .trjZ_?! ' r --tíLr - , I 1 Regular Fries L-fci PMYYVVYïI minimum si IQ ■■■B V ' V lfM&#& MENU PR.CeI.IO I Highland ExpectsTo Give Away Over ■ SALF M I I $100fOOOWorth of McDonald's I 10a.m. to 9PM. f I I Big Mac Dinners Free With JFri. & Sat.1 I I Appliance Purchases This Weekend Lclosedswmav25j I GET AS MAN Y AS 60 BIG MAC T M DINNERS FREE fc (60 DINNERS ARE WORTH AT LEAST $73.63) WITH PURCHASE AT HIGHLAND k ■ DINNERS ARE FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE YOU MAKE! A SALE YOU'LL LOVE SO MUCH YOU CAN TASTE IT! I I IN ADDITION TO OUR EVERYDAY LOW PRICES YOU GET ALL THESE DINNERS FREE I IVUIDV I I 10 TO 20 DINNERS WORTH $12.27 TO $24.54 WITH STEREO CONSOLES 10 T0 60 DINNERS WORTH $12.27 T0 $73.63 WITH COLOR TV SETS I 20 T0 30 DINNERS WORTH $24.54 T0 $36.82 WITH GAS ORELEC. RANGES 10 T0 60 DINNERS WORTH $12 27 T0 $73.63 WITH REFRIGERATORS I 20 T0 40 OINNERS WORTH $24.54 T0 $49.09 WITH MICROWAVE OVENS 20 T0 30 DINNERS WORTH $24 .54 T0 $36 82 WITH FREEZERS I 2 T0 20 DINNERS WORTH $2.45 T0 $24.54 WITH AUDIO MUSIC SYSTEMS 20 T0 30 DINNERS WORTH S24 .54 T0 $36 .82 WITH WASHERS OR DRYERS l 10 T0 30 DINNERS WORTH $12.27 T0 S36. 82 WITH AIR CONOITIONERS 1 T0 10 DINNERS WORTH St 23 T0 S12 27 WITH BLACK WHITE TV H I PLUS FREE DINNERS ON EVERY OTHER ITEM WE CARRY! I I WJ PlOIXIttrC yV,, Jrrt I I SOUND PROJECT 300 RECEIVER . HfWl hll'ffil AMFM, FM-Stereo With vernier tuning, wood cabinet and 3 g "S-ÖJ %l 11 U V U V. I metal face plate. Full controls including balance and tone 3s?jíS'"v-v-1JiáB II uWlill 1 plus signal strength and tuning meter. Pioneer quality at te Qf) I''v Vv 11 llBrl SAVE! WAS tdÊ M L% íj li I $19995 9l4O SHSER8 4' I PLUS! DINNERS INCLUDED WITH SPEAKERS, TURNTABLES,TAPE DECKS, AND ALL OTHER COMPONENTS. IfiS1! FREE DELIVERY ■ FREE SERVICE ■ EASY TERMS ■ INSTANT CREDIT USE CHARGE CARD M OR INSTANT CREDIT, H You can get credit instantly by using almost any major credit card (expiration date required), as a reference in opening a Highland Instant A f. "KRaar 3550 WASHTENAW I viiífi&iN - ACROSS FROM ARBORLAND -wf -"- 'bSLUij, SÍRVING ANN AfíBOñ and YPSIIANTI ARIAS "íliuíMlW PHONE 971-3345 lm.- ÜUÏ -"tW.U . -I OPEN DAILY 10 TO 9 . SUIMDAY 11 TO 6 ' '''$%& ■ ■ ,.