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FROM ARISTA RECORDS ItheHEadhunters KffiBBWBfBWM I gato barbieri & i SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST ■■ DOLLAR BRAND Includtt God Wade Mt FunkyQaf'y s Danc M H B m " Gotta Gtt ItHere And Now V H K H H ÁV ff [a J confluence _ ARISTA WÊMI MlBi j ijJ J j Randy and Michael Brecker, two of the _.. Herbie Hancock' superb band now ou. music world's mos, respected musicians L-. &? whSUTn.T. T K ontheirown. have played on so many important records America and África respectively Well their credits read like a who s who of muknovwn as eaders n ,heir own right, Barsic. A dynamic debut album that conbieri and Brand interact to créate a tains some of the best music on the scène beautiful music of the Third World, today. Funky. Bright. Alive. And, best of all, their own. MARIÓN BROWN I CHARLES TOLLIVER I ROSWELL RUDD _______ W'th GarY Ba"12 Herbie Hancock Featunng Hod OBrien & Sheila Jordon SÊ iy "lï B Ron Carter & Joe Chambers M Aitet HiL j,■ Tv -Ê I t ■ PORTO NOVO PAPER MAN FLEXIBLE FLYER One of the best known of the slxties muTolliver is a leading trumpeter and comWith his working quintet that includes the sic circles, Brown explores hls alto saxoposer in contemporary jazz circles His unusual talents of singer Sheila Jordán, phone to the fullest with the sympathetic bristling, fluid style is complimented on this trombonist combines his interests in and spirited support of just bass and this special album by Herbie Hancock, the new music, bop and older jazz tradidrums. Brown draws upon his most earthGary Bartz, Ron Carter and Joe Chambers tions for an album that will satisfy his ly influences in hls explorations. - a spectacular cast to say the least. fans and win him a new following This is Rudd's first album in six years. RANDY WESTON I I CECILTAYLOR I I 1ÊSI5Ï12 I LIVE AT MONTREUX 1974 LIVE AT MONTREUX 1974 DOn Onerry Uary PeacocK ■EP HL m WÈ P 8 Mini üT In in -ifrltti . K8K KlKhJr : V PÁ lKaCu B ÜMH J ■■ "fb CARNIVAL SILENTTONGUES VÍBRATIONS Recorded live at Montreux 1974, Weston This solo piano tour de force, recorded This album captured the music of a great and his quintet set down a driving rhythlive at Montreux 1974, consists of a five jazz innovator at the peak of his creativmic jazz of West Indian and African influmovement suite plus two encores deity With his working trio of bassist Gary ence with some impressive soloing from manded by an astounded and enthusiastic Peacock and drummer Sonny Murray and Billy Harper Randy's solo piano tribute to crowd Taylor's stature as a major musiguest artist trumpeter Don Cherry, the Duke Ellington was a highlight of the cal innovator is clearly set out in this unique tenor saxophonist laid down a festival. exciting and moving piece. wholly new music that is simultaneously very appealing and very powerful. Ink cluded in his anthem of the new music k "Ghosts " Distributed by ARISTA RKORDS ARI STA THE NEW RECORD COMRANY SPEC1AUY PR1CED AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONSU. CELLAR DISCOUNT RECORDS RECORDLAND Basement of the Michigan Union 1235 S. University-668-9866 in Briarwood 662-6030 Mon.Fri. 9:30 5:30 300 S. State Street 665-36 79 State Road at I-94 Sat. 12-5 Closed Sun. Mon.-Thurs. 109 Fri. 10-Midnight Sat. 10-9 ■ Sun. 10-6 Mon.Sat. 9:30-9:30 Sunday 12-5 - - - . - _ _ „______ ._. J