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SUN COLLECTIVE: Barbara Weinberg, Kathy Kelley, Elaine Wnght. Tom Pomaski, Dianne Ripley, David Fenton, Gary Keil. (NOTE: The SUN Collective is the group of people finally responsible for the paper's content, direction and economics.) COƖRDINATORS: David Fenton and Barbara Weinberg NEWS EDITOR: Ellen Hoffman CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Bill Adler (Musici, Michael Castleman, Ellen Frank, John Sinclair (Founder) WR1TERS: David Goodman, Carla Rapopart, Marty Lee, Linda Ross, Mary Wreford, Jim Dulzo, Paul Grant, Steve Wood, Pun Plamondon PRODUCTION MANAGER: Kathy Kelley STAFF CARTOONIST: Gary Keil ART & PRODUCTION STAFF: Tom Kuzma. Chris Frayne, Carla Rapoport, Ron Robbins, Bob Brown. Yvonne Hoarty, ADVERTISING MANAGER: David Sinclair ADVERTISING SALES: Tom Pomaski, Bill Byerley DISTRIBUTION MANAGER: Keith Kenny DISTRIBUT1ON STAFF: Lori Melton, Mike McLaughlin, John Marker, Doyle Sharbach, Pat Curtis, Frank Bach, Jake Woods OFFICE MANAGER & COMPTROLLER: Dianne Ripley CALENDAR: Elaine Wright RECEPTION: Susan Farer COVER: Gary Keil VOLUNTEER HELPTHIS ISSUE: Margie Kelley. Stacie Rogoff, Don Slocum, Steve Kagan, Peter Andrews. Linda Reed, Roslyn Riddle, Shelia Dudley, Larry Edler, Alan Neff, Neal Gabler The SUN subscribes to Zodiac News Service (2NS). Pacific News Service (PNS), and Liberation News Service (LNS) Ann Arbor SUN Volume 3, Issue No. 14, July 4-18, 1975 The Ann Arbor SUN is published by the Ann Arbor SUN, Inc., a registered Michigan non-profit Corporation. Offices are at 603 E. William, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108. Business, editorial and distribution phone: (313) 7617148. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: 8 issues for $2; 24 issues for $5.50; 48 issues for $10. All Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti subscriptions are home delivered. Second Class Postage Paid at Ann Arbor, Michigan