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Voice of the People

Interviews by David Goodman, Photographs by Pauline Lubens

Question: Do you think that a new war between Israel and its Arab neighbors is inevitable? Should the United States get directly involved in the event of a war?

"I'm a pessimist at heart. Yes. . .there are going to be wars everywhere. The Israelis are being awfully stubborn. They aren't willing to make the necessary concessions and are walking into another war.

"I would prefer that the United States stay out: I wouldn't go." -John Dorsey, U of M student

"I hope it isn't (inevitable). Kissinger's trying awfully hard, but I don't know how he's going to make any headway.

-Mrs. Gertrude Katz, manager Kay Jay Shop

"I don't know. It just looks to me like a stalemate. I don't see any real hope for peace unless somebody makes some concessions. Israel doesn't seem like it's going to, although I don't really blame them.

"I hate to see us back off from our commitment to Israel, but we're between rock and a hard place as far as oil is concerned." -C.E. McSween, pilot, American Airlines, Ft. Worth

"The way it looks to me, I guess so. They don't seem to be able to heal their wounds. I'm not on either side. Both sides are making errors.

"The United States should definitely not intervene in their affairs."

-Marty Mitchell, U of M psychology major

"It appears now Ihat both sides agree there has to be a settlement, and that fighting won't solve it. I don't know how long it will last, but there's a chance of peace.

"We shouldn't get involved unless Russia or China comes in." -John Mahone, City of Ann Arbor parking attendant