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University Cellar Ann Arbor

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7 SOULFUL NEW MOTOWN RELEASËsH iWïYïVÏ FSI FnniF THE l U 1ljiJ k'ïïnDirie il DYNAMIC SUPERIORS rvkrv rk MnwiuLRa i ■ i Ski i r i k j I ' VI ' 4 W 1 I FACE THE MUSIC Ilyouveroaroundinthesixties.thenthe17all-timegreat u r-ai r ■- ■ n ■ n I - H """"""""" tunes on thisspecially priced. two-record sel veré panol kil IIL ■ lNlRIP KV . The "Shoe-Shoe Shine gang is back wilh FCf THE yourhle . See Ihe mov.e. then re-live your days al Cooley L.UUIL, lLnUÍIIUIO T1UI1 MLSC The Dynamic Superiors are bolh ayntmw ana High with ihis great soundtrack album. I"1""! superior and this all new album produced by Ashlord i Simpson. shows them at their besl Get down' MH II lililí I JACKSON 5 I I SSSVi, I ll!-!..l..!-!-!.!J4.1 ySfffSri MOVING VIOLATION ,." , ■f.,''f ,,tVMI ■H 5w%. Alk n í" "BÍ r 1 1 r H V W rflL Special ly priced at the following locations Birmingham and Ann Arbor Detroit ■■W