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Cannonball Adderley, Phcnix, Fantasy F79004 There is a certain irony existing between Cannonball Adderley's laicsi release and a recent occurrence invoiving his life. The title of this album, PhaÜX, refers (o a mythical bird whicli is a symhol of immortality. On July I 2, Adderley sutïered 1 massive stroke which has lelt him paralyed and unable to speak while he lies in critica) condition in a Gary, Indiana hospital. The album consists of older Adderlej tunes and reads like an anthology on Cannonball. The only cxception is tliat the select ions are done in 1 style which suggests that the saxophone artisl mighi be focusing m on b more contemporary manner of expression. Ilis unfortunate twist of late will allow listeners only to . late what was to follow this interesting collection of jazz tunes. Adderley luis been praised lor hts Huid style. He was tnitially introduced as .1 successor to ('hailie Parker as saxophone kingpin. Aftei touringand recording with Miles l);ivis. Adderley starled hisown quintet. After several years of senous jazz, the quintei settled into a more eommercially palatable type of music. Pktnix is a marked iniprovement over the astrológica] banalities which lilled Adderley's last three efforts, even though 11 isold material. Keyboardists George Duke and Mike Wolff, a long with percussiomst Airto. provide texture and an openess lo standard Adderley quintet cutl sucll as "Sack O'Woe," "Jive Samba." and "Walk Tall." Perhaps with a miracle we will be able to hear a possible new direction tor Cannonball Adderley and his quintet.