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Dear SUN,

For some time we've read your paper as it's come into the WAAM newsroom. We haven't always agreed with your viewpoints or style, but have felt that there's a place for the SUN in Ann Arbor. What's distressing is that there's less of a place in the SUN for Ann Arbor.

We hope your expansion effort is successful. But we'd also hope that in catering to a larger circulation, you don't forget that there are some people who'd rather read about Ann Arbor events from your perspective than the latest poop from the Motor City.

It would be easy to say that The SUN has 'left' Ann Arbor. . . in search of bigger bucks. . . but we hope that's not the case. The people of Ann Arbor stuck by you through the thin times. We hope you'll stick by them now.

Doug Boynton and Jim Dorris WAAM News

Editors Note: The SUN has no intention of abandoning its constituency in Ann Arbor or ignoring Ann Arbor events worthy of coverage. We are expanding our appeal into Detroit and the region, which certainly inter-relates with Ann Arbor. Events in Detroit have deep meaning for people in the city of trees. Ann Arbor has supported The SUN, but never enough for it to stabilize economically as the complete paper we envision it becoming.


Dear SUN,

While motoring down Livernois I noticed your new white box in front of Baker's and copped one during the long light.

I'm glad I did. As the Metro-area continues to expand -- and it will -- Ann Arbor will become even more closely connected to Detroit. It is good to know there is something to keep us up on what is happening.

The demise of the Fifth Estate is displeasing, but may have been inevitable. The FE failed to change whereas the people they were supposed to speak for did. The FE also failed to report on local happenings, which I hope The SUN will continue to do.

Dan Romanchuk