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Tina Turner Betty Davis

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Acid Queen, United An Nasty Gal. Island Neithei of these two never, everdo anything nice and o.iand rough, Tina.atong willi hutband Ik. boon dotng ii foi twent) years. Bern has two excellent, overlooked, and m upavailablc iecords to lier eredil n Just Sunshme, Records. Slic crtdits I ma's (and mány others) mspiraimn on I-.l'.N.K. Betty's provincc ii the bedroom and slio stmtsabout il wWj uninhibited relish, Her songs tliis time around display ii 1 1 to musical ot lyricïl subtlety aiul her bami is a raucously competent sex machine and no more. I hc one exception to all ihis is You and I which (iil Evans arnuiged and conducted und on which Milos Dans (Betty's ex-) plays muted, spare trumpet. A linio oí this nasty gal is a reveiation, a lot is monotony. Tina is coming off hor appearance in Ken Russell's Tommy. Mis senses-stuffing excewivC' noss has rublicd oll on Im.i. Ihc production and and orchestratton on sido one is to dense and hoavy-assod il piacticaJly ruins the oNceptinnal job Tina does on the Stones' Under My Thumb and the Who's 1 Can See For Miles. Ike lias a hand in the production of side two and :utl away somo of the fat.