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At the Museum of Modern Art, Cranbrook, Sunday, Oct. 5th The new "Detroit's Jazz Today" concert series at Cranbrook Academy's Museum of Modern Art sol off to a maimificent start October 5th with a stcllar performance by the group Mixed Bag, a cooperativc ensemble of some renown which comprises drummer Danny Spencer, bassist Ron Brooks, Motor City rcedman Larry Nozero. and keyboard ace Fddie Russ. They werejoined lor ihis concert by the supremely tasteful percussionist Dave Koether, a frequent iiest, and multi-keyboard whiz Gary Shunk, whose rhythm niano. synthesizer, and occusional smoking solos added beautilully to the Bag's already stunning impact. The individual depth and the collective weight of this group are incrediblc: eer, Brooks, Russ und Nozero are mature, richly seasoned sicians whose al arĂ¼stry has been piquantly enhanced by their two years or so as a unit. Their repertoire of original compositions is exquisitely and convincinply performed, trom Russ's hard-driving Latin-tinged "La guanta lo me popular "Watergate Blues." Always ;i delight in concert, the Bag's Cranbrook appearance was further enhanced by the attractiveness-and the appropriateness-ol' the surroundings. A nearpert'ect set tin;; lor the near-perl'ect music of Mixed Bag- and indeed tor the matchless talents of the New McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Tribe, the Lyman Woodward ganization, and Small Change, tour more Detroitarea jazz-based bands which will apear throuh the l'all and winter in the Cranbrook series, produced by the Academy's John Peterson and Detroit duinmer-producer-WDKT programmer Bud Spangier. A distinet tnumph by all concerned and certainly something to look lorward to tor the t'irst Sunday of the ncxt tour nionths. -JS