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sff At the 20 Grand,October9-I2 The crowds wvelled to the walls a fuü house tor Millie Jackson's first 20 Grand appearance last weckend, und the popular mini-playu righi of black pop music gave tliem everything they came out tor plus some. While Bol a spectacular singei per se, Ms, Jackson lus developed lier unique thematic approach and her well-inteprated stage act nto a bombsheU njghtclub show. Backed by a tifilit, hand-pickcd east-cnasl rhythm section and a Detroit horn choir. Millie worked bot skles of the betrayed wifedouble-crossed mistress persona slie has invented lo such advantagc on lier albums "Caught Up"and "Still Caught Up" (SpringPolydor), uhich have been hcruldcd ,is "the lirsl r&b concept albums" sort ota "Sf;t. Pepper Meets the Ghetto" approacli to rhythm & blues. The climax ot her on-staee melodrama had the berelt mistress cu was n tli e estranged wife? -slowly losing her mind trom griet' over the loss of her mystical, fantastic, aü-desirable male Iriend (who came in lor his share of knocks in the telling, though, believe me). As she rcpeated the same chorus over and over, growing visibly more distraught by the moment, two men in white iackets emerged trom the backstage door with a straitjaeket. Ms. Jackson lought mightily but was fïnally restramed aml camed i tl stage, where hor continued flailing and kicking could be heard as the band played on. A masterlul piece of pup thealre. the psychod rama tic aspects of the show almosi make up foi the melodramatic vacuity of the story line, which hopefully Millie will soon be able to pui away. In tact, she told us before the showher next LP will be something different allogether, and laudienoc acceptance of the new Millie upproaches that ol her present personae she should , emerge as a crossover Ak cüüst of considerable potential Bu) catch the soap opera act il' y ou can-it's a knockciul! A -JS M