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Let's Do It Again

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A lirst ArtistsWarner release starring Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby, also ' with Jimmy Walker and Ossie Davis. Now appearingat The Palms, Birmingham. Norwest, and Tel-Kx Theaters. In Let's Do It Again. Sidney Poitier has extended tlie theme uhich worked so woll lor him ín Uptown Sattirday Night (he directed both lilms): lio and liill Cosby again play two "average" dudes wlm uso ihoír wits aiul whateveí luck Ihey can muster to make fools of a liosi of big oiiy black ■iors. and inako a bundle of lopt in Ihe proooss. I lus time Poitier has added Jimmy Walker lor additional draw and general aniness and, once again, the formula Works to créalo a l'unny movic Not a decp comedy, but a good, positivc one nonethcless. Walker does nol really have a major part in the movie, whieh may .i come as soine disappointment to his lans. Bul he is therc, any-' way, easily doing the of a young, skinny boxer (Bootney larnsworth) who hypnotized into - thinking he can conqucr all and ends up winnin".: the World Middleweight Championship. s-i Poitier has done a bastcally fino. ínoffensive job of giving us somc „ old-fashioned (if up-dütod) corn. II you want ;i lift, this is wlial, doe orderedj FB