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AC Sky Theatrc, Abrams Planetarium, East...

AC Sky Theatrc, Abrams Planetarium, East... image AC Sky Theatrc, Abrams Planetarium, East... image
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AC Sky Theatrc, Abrams Planetarium, East Lansing, October 15 The residente outside I isl 1 aniing of inaster musiciafi Roscoe Mitchell (Art Ensemble of Chicago) has had an incredible effect on the Michigan State Univcrsity music community, particularly among a set of young black student musieians known as the Creative Arts Collective. Now in their second year, the CAC lias organized and presented a smashing series of four concerts of improvisational music and poetry this fall at the Abrams Planetarium, featuring the compositions and improvisations of their own members as well as guesi artists (and fellow brass playera) Lester Bowie (also of the Art Ensemble) and Leo Smith (another alumnus of the Association tor the Advancement of Creative Musicians founded in Chicago by Muhal Richard Abrams in 1966). The October 1 5 th concert we had the good fortune to attend presented the compositions of Leo Smith as performed by the CAC, with Smilh conducting and soloing on continued on Leo Smith continued f rom page 16 .... severa) brass instrument', induding trumpet. flugelhorn, cornet, pocket trumpet, and a Pan-like apparaUis with small multiple horn bells. ["he works presented ranped trom "The Art of Thematic Variation (12-16)." a piece tur solo brass played against the sflence by the composer; to a duel lor Harmon-muted trumpet aml ampüíied acoustk L'iiitar Ibrilüanlly played by Spencer BarefieM) caHed "The Art of Thematic Figuration (17-18); to a trio tor trombone (William Townley), cornel (Raymond Brookx). and flugelhorn (Smith) titled "Idadi": to pftees utilizing different combinations of tlieentire CAC ensemble. 'I he musicians, all of whom played .mil reacted to the improvisationaJ settmt's created by Smith exceptionally well, also mcluded Tony Holland (saxophones), Neal McAlpin (clarinet), 'lunet Hill (bass), Dushun Mosley (drums). Louis Haynie (drums & congas), and Kevin Wilson (coligas). The opening piecc was the major compositinn ol the evening, a multi-textured, delightfully wiouswork titled "Mutumishi" which Was written in 1970 and nol performed untS tlus concert. Solos by each GAC member and Smith, a number ot thern unaccompanied, were set into a shitimii panorama of backing motifs played by the coltective is ■ whpkj or by varying combinations ol musicians. The guitar-bass dialogue between Spencer Barefield and James Mili was espei lally moving, bringinf to mind (and soul) the I lic DolphyCharies Mïngus musical conversations oí fifteen ears .c1". Other works performed included "In the (arden of Soul." "Dalta Rhythms (107)." "wmukl-D," and the just-composed "Brasss." The concert was recorded (with Roscoe Milchell himselfat the controls), hopefully tor later release, and with any luck Detroit and Ann Arbor audienccs will enjo) the opportunity to "stand under" the intellectually and emotionaHy stimulating music of Leo Smith one day soon. tl lis last appearance in the area was witli an ensemble includins axophonkts Marión Brown and Maurice Mclntyre and bassist-trombonist [.ester Lashley at the Ann Arbor Blues & Ja Festival in 1972.) The Creative Arts Collective must be warmly commended tor theii taste and adventuroiisness in produeinp the Smith recital at MSL' foi their adivines as a whole! and readers Who would like to receive advaiuc noties ol llieir future productions may reach them at P.O. Box 913, tast Lansing, Ml 48823. JS