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fcUlllMlJ llfl I How to get pleasure ■ I from a trick knee ■ Regardless of what people say, you can teach an oíd knee new tricks. Begin with a simple one, like kneeling through a hoop. Go bn to bigger things, like Al Jolson impressions. Now you're really ready to go: a) Wear bermuda shorts - a star needs the exposure. B b) Find a girl with tennis elbow. P-5 Í I c) Enter the the 100 yard crash, Jft M And remember, a trick knee is always ÊÊm betterthanatrickneck,trichinosis-and 2j)y it 's certainly better than no trick at all. jm . jfö -k L I Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined lii That Dgarette Smoking Is Oangerous to Your Health, av. pet agatette. FTC Repon Oei '74. l mÊ