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Win A Pound Of Colombian!

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Take a tip f rom Iffy the Dopester: Today 's the day to enten the SUN's Second Annual Contest to You heard me right - by the simple expedient of sendcautions, dne tull pound of South America 's very fining in your name, gentle reader, you can become eligible est smoke - certified 99 44100 per cent pure Colomto receive, free of charge, on the house, delivered by a bian smoking marijuana! trusty courier to your door, under careful security Ppizes Êtt p Pitees 1. One Full Poimd of certified . -" " fAÍiíí-S 6. One quality lugh-grade Colombian L. 4W '%3J ]WS Y acoustic guimarijuana, plus enough " :=lv:;afe=yW ü tar from A2 Cool-Leaf papers to 'ÍtíBNÉ' ' V'- " IrTtJïZ Music Mart. 2. 41 HlS i'c'5-' ifiWi n 'TiA Vf from Tobacco Rd. scriptionsto BSHl" I'A O O'feaP' ■ 1 M vli wo Tlie SUN "SrJy Aï BH iv " Ono pair ol Kalso ■ wt$?A WÓ fiSSö iflffl Earth Shoes. 3. 15'HVina J ■ Bi tB vfl ■4 9. One African kalimPoundofCo- ml Bt w f Va b V? ' Vt ba from Music, lombianTfl l LI B W ff 1 ■ CO ' - Strings, and Things. shirts. " 111 A m wrÁ m S ' I ESZ SiVVWa. ï f J BOV7 .IJ - iO.Ten LPsof your Jl SHfcY HkXl .0 W lJ' - ""- clioice trom 4. Lifetime supHHB BVfl! r '?-v n WhereHouse reply of Cool'PV .■ ■■ x 1"" iMk cords. Leaf rolling -' fl K '':" ' JAII 7S. y) , papers. jjfB SSBJ f I jw ' ' ' 5 "ThS,CIean suppliesof Lfc ''';JM X ' 1 2. Two season passes Cool Leal íi yllár " " "-' ' to the Ann Arbor papers. 4 ■KJHIV i New World Film KBBHP Series. We did it last year, and we're doing it again, irregardless of the fact have a shot at a long list of over 100 other prizes provided through more that possession, distribution and cultivation of the wondrous weed conconventional channels (check the list on this page). Winners will be drawn tinues to be subject to punishment in every state of the union, including on March 31 , 1976, by State Representative Jackie Vaughn of Detroit, our own. If you share our sentiments about this state of affairs, and and by a prominent local media personality whose identity shall tempowould like to stand up and be counted, you can do so simply by checkrarily remain a secret ( at least until our kick-off press conference on ing off your permission on the entry blank to allow us to add your name Monday!). This latter person will also verify that the winner gets the lb. to the petition we'll be forwarding to your elected representa tives in So, as Iffy sez, don't delay another minute! Cut yourself in on the fun, Lansing. strike a blow for legal weed, and place your name in contention fof the Back to the contest, however - in addition to the grand prize, you'll First prize in the second anntial Michigan Pottery! Howto enter the contest... t - Simply fill nul the haiulv coupon on the righl and slip il in the OffÍCt3Í "lfl##I 3 PniMtilÊ mail to The SUS. Dept. C. PO Box 721 7, Detroit 48202. Or slop %mmm%mmam ww mmm m wmi m%m by our Detroit office in the Lehiml House, al Cas.s and Baglcy ui nf #■###♦_'##_'#" Frw4m+M f&izmni downtown Detroit, or our Anu Arbnr office al 6Ü3 E. William Si. Ut UUHJÍtlUtUn -Cflf fjf BËaMt in register in person. Picase, check inie or more: Support Proaressive WeedLaws... CHYes! EnteT my name in the Second Annual "Win a Pound of Colombian" The Michigan legisla ture is sériously comidering making poscontest! session of small amounts of weed, up to 3.2 minees, a non-criminul - , . ' i ... ,; cinn tii,, LHYes Send me your outrageous newspaper for one year tor S5.50. Pavment nusdemeanor incitrring na more than a $100 fine encosevd herewjth9 State Representativo Jackte Vauglm o.f Detroit lias another bilí befare the lawmakcrs whieh WOllld complet ely legalize marijuana OYes! I support the bill before the Michigan legislature which would make and all drugs. ( l-'or an explana tion oj why The SU. supports tllis possession of up to 3.2 ounces of marijuana a non-criminal misdesle), see page 2 of tlÜS issue). meanor subject to a maximum $100 fine. Let my representative know! You eau make your support for eilher or boih of these pieees of progressive legisla t ion kuowii by simply checking the appropriate CDYes! I support State Rep. Vaughn's bill to legalize marijuana and all drugs. boxes in the enlrv blank. Teil Jackie Vaughn I said so. Subscribe to the SUN. . . j Nme Addr s I Make sure you gel ererv issue this year oj The SUS s uiiupte new analvsis, cultural corerage. entertainment calendar, et. al. I City and State Phone Start thé SUN coming voitr way right i by placing a check in . fti((,( mu jw ammaml Um[ei saUx ' the proper box and includmg your $5.50 paymeul for one year. l__ ________________ _