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Jan. 17: "Lou Gordon Program", with host Al Akerman (WXYZ) and guests Shirley Polykoff (Clairol products- Does She or Doesn't She?)- How She Does It; WMson Key Barry Steiner discusses legal loopholes. Ch. 50, 10:00 pm. Jan. 18: "Oiscomania" with the Isley Brothers George McCrae, Ch. 4, 11:30 pm. Search for the Great Apes", National Geographic Special. Ch. 56, 7:00 pm. "Lou Gordon Program", with host Al Akerman (WXYZ) and guests Charles McCarry an ex-CIA agent discusses his roles; Darlene Schmalzreid discusses her suit against the White House for discrimination. Ch. 50, 10:00 pm. "Face The Nation", Ch. 2, 11:30 ara. "Sixty Minutes", Ch. 2, 7:00 pm. "Meet The Press", Ch. 4, 12:30 pm. "Project BAIT", Ch. 50, 11:00 pm. Jan. 23: "Midnight Special", Ch. 4, 1:00 am. Jan. 24: "Rock Concert", Ch. 50, 11:00 am. "Lou Gordon Program", Ch. 50, 10:00 pm. Jan. 30: "Soundstage", with Kris Kristoferrson and Rita Coolidge, Ch. 56, 10:00 pm.