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f Take a tip front If f y the Dopester: Today 's the day to enten the SUN's 2ntlAnnual Contest to I WINALB.OFCOLOMBIAN! You heard me right - by the simple expedient of sendcautions, one full pound of South America s very fining in your name, gentle reader, you can become eligible est smoke - certified 99 44100 per cent pure Colomto receive, free of charge, on the house, delivered by a bian smoking marijuana! trusty courier to your door. under careful security preWinners will be drawn on March 31 , 1976. Ppizes Prizes kMmm 1. One Full Pound of certified 6. One quality high-grade Colombian &W ' - " " PML S . acoustjc guimarijuana. plus enough C"NN8i " tar from '2 Coo-Leaf papers t o JTVIjfctatóp Ts. HïfTr J Music Mart. rollitallup. s - 'rvkrfSSM !i KAAwfite =r. 7. One 4-foot bong 'SmSSL .F11! - from Tobacco Rd 1 w& 5. Fifty 1-year j simnlies of R7 %?: jr mfrsmJ cleaninëkits' iiAi41 V JÊÊSf 1 2. Two season passes vw" "Wu-B . - f to the Ann Arbor Coo-Leaf 3j IKnSSff&5BË3%W New World Film Prs. ■ "ö BwïJRK y Series. Howto enter the aantast... Official "Win a Pound Simply fill out the Imndy coupon on the riglu umi slip ii in the O f EolOmMéM ELiitPy BléMK mail to The SUN. Dept. C, Pü Box 121 7, Detroit 48202. Or slop I ■ by our Detroit office in the Letaml House, at Cass and Bagley in w chcck ()ne or more: ctowntown Detroit, or OW Ann Arbor office at 603 :. nitliam St. to register in persön. CUYes! Enter my name in the Second Annual "Win a Pound of Colombian" contest! Support Progressive WeedLaws... OYes! Send me your outrageous newspaper for one year for $5.50. Payment The Michigan legislature is seriously considering making poss enclosed herewith. session of sniall amounts of weed, up to 3.2 ounces, a non-criminal misdemeanor incurring fio more than a $]()() fine. OYes! I support the bill before the Michigan legislature which would make - State Representativa Jackie Vaughn of Detroit has another bill possession of up to 3.2 ounces of marijuana a non-criminal misdebefore the lawmakers which WOuld COmpUtely legaÜze marijuana meanor subject to a maximum $100 fine. Let my representative know! and (ïll drugs. . You can make your support for either or both of these pieces of QYes! I support State Rep. Vaughn's bill to legalize marijuana and all drugs. ; progressive legislation known by simply checking the appropriate Te" Jackie Vaughn I said so. boxes in the entry blank. I Name Address Subscribe to the SUN. . . ... , . -_, r,,,., . I City and State Zip Phone i Make sure you get erery issue llus year of The SUN s unique ■ newsanolysis, cultural coverage, entertainment calendar, et al. Ma, to The SUN Dept c P0 Box 12YI Detroit 48202 Start the SUN coming vour war right now bv placing a check in ï ,,, „ , ' r ! E the proper box and including vour $5.50 payment for one year. NOIh: C'""est '"mtcd '" rd "1 fa continental United States. # V u--y