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Take a tip from Iffy the Dopester:
Today's the day to enter the SUN's 2nd Annual Contest to

You heard me right - by the simple expedient of sending in your name, gentle reader, you can become eligible to receive, free of charge, on the house, delivered by a trust courier to your door, under careful security precautions, one full pound of South America's very finest smoke - certified 99 44/100 per cent pure Colombian smoking marijuana! Winners will be drawn on March 31, 1976.


1. One Full Pound of certified high-grade Colombian marijuana, plus enough Coo-Leaf papers to roll it all up.

2. 15 one-year subscriptions to The SUN.

3. 15 "Win a Pound of Colombian" T-shirts.

4. Lifetime supply of Coo-Leaf rolling papers.

5. Fifty 1-year supplies of Coo-Leaf papers.


6. One quality acoustic guitar from A2 Music Mart.

7. One 4-foot bong from Tobacco Rd.

8. One pair of Kalso Earth Shoes.

9. One African kalimba from Music, Strings, and Things.

10. Ten LP's of your choice from WhereHouse records.

11. 15 "The Clean Machine" reefer cleaning kits.

12. Two season passes to the Ann Arbor New World Film Series.

How to enter the contest...

Simply fill out the handy coupon on the right and slip it in the mail to The SUN, Dept. C, PO Box 7217, Detroit 48202. Or stop by our Detroit office in the Leland House, at Cass and Bagley in downtown Detroit, or our Ann Arbor office at 603 E. William St. to register in person.

Support Progressive Weed Laws...

The Michigan legislature is seriously considering making possession of small amounts of weed, up to 3.2 ounces, a non-criminal misdemeanor incurring no more that a $100 fine.

State Representative Jackie Vaughn of Detroit has another bill before the lawmakers which would completely legalize marijuana and all drugs.

You can make your support for either or both of these pieces of progressive legislation known by simply checking the appropriate boxes in the entry blank.

Subscribe to the SUN...

Make sure you get every issue this year of The SUN's unique news analysis, cultural coverage, entertainment calendar, et al. Start the SUN coming your way right now by placing a check in the proper box and including your $5.50 payment for one year.

Official "Win a Pound of Colombian" Entry Blank

Please check one or more:

Yes! Enter my name in the Second Annual "Win a Pound of Colombian contest!

Yes! Send me your outrageous newspaper for one year for $5.50. Payment is enclosed herewith.

Yes! I support the bill before the Michigan legislature which would make possession of up to 3.2 ounces of marijuana a non-criminal misdemeanor subject to a maximum $100 fine. Let my representative know!

Yes! I support State Rep. Vaughn's bill to legalize marijuana and all drugs. Tell Jackie Vaughn I said so.

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Mail to The Sun, Dept. C, PO Box 7217, Detroit 48202.

NOTE: Contest limited to residents of the continental United States.