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Serving Metropolitan Detroit And Greater Michigan Sun

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Serving Metropolitan Detroit and Ann Arbor Michigan
at these locations in the

Pontiac-Rochester Area

Morley Drugs, Rochester

Cunningham Drug, Rochester

Perry Pharmacy, Rochester

Pinkerton Pharmacy, Rochester

Perry Pharmacy, Rochester

Little Professor Book Store, Rochester

Thrifty Drugs, Pontiac

Cunningham Drug, Pontiac

John's Drugs, Pontiac

Front Page News West, Pontiac

Bonnie-Lo Drug, Pontiac

Cunningham Drug Pontiac

Garlock Drug, Pontiac

Perry Pharmacy, Pontiac

Front Page News, Pontiac

Perry Pharmacy, Pontiac

(repeats) Perry Pharmacy, Pontiac

Poponea Food & Drugs, Pontiac

Red Wagon Shoppe, Pontiac

Thrifty Drug, Pontiac

Perry Pharmacy, Pontiac

7-11, Pontiac

Glen's Party Store, Pontiac

Big Daddy Party Store, Pontiac

7-11, Pontiac

Ostranders Pharmacy, Pontiac

Happy Hour, Auburn Heights

Perry Pharmacy, Auburn Heights

Lake Center Drug, Pontiac

Quik-Pik, Pontiac

Dave Levine Confectionary, Pontiac

Bonanza Market, Pontiac

Robertson Pharmacy, Pontiac

Cunningham Drug, Waterford

Book World, Pontiac

Wonder Drug, Pontiac

Lakeland Pharmacy, Drayton Plains

7-1 1 , Pontiac

Perry Pharmacy, Pontiac

Big G, Davisburg

Short-Stop, Highland

Perry Pharmacy, Highland

Quik-Pik, Pontiac

Thrifty Drug, Drayton Plains

Owl Drugs, Drayton Plains

Quik-Pik, Pontiac

Robertson Pharmacy, Drayton Plains

Pine Knob Pharmacy, Clarkston

Village Pharmacy, Waterford

7-11, Pontiac

Deni Supermarket, Pontiac

Food Fair Mini Mart, Pontiac

Perry Pharmacy, Romeo

Morley Drug, Romeo

Quik-Pik, Romeo

Patterson Pharmacy, Oxford

Suburban Discount Drug, Lake Orion

Perry Drug, Lake Orion

Gingellville IGA Market, Pontiac

Quik-Pik, Clarkston

Wonder Drug, Clarkston

also at these


all Pots an' Plants Stores

all Harmony House Record Stores

all Little Pleasures Stores

The Music Saloon, Pontiac

The Record Rack, Waterford

John's Place, Wayne

The Groove Shop, Grosse Pointe

The Plum Pit, East Detroit

Earth Shoe, Birmingham

Mayflower Books, Ferndale

Beaver Boutique, Detroit