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4 reasons why this is the only T-shirt you've got to have.


1. This is a good quality shirt. All yellow (pastel)with orange printing on it. IT will wash and wear 'til maybe your offspring grow. It slips on easy. Or off. Depending on wh0 fills it.


2. First look at it, you see a drinking goblet. Second, two faces. And our name, Audioland, isn't shouting out at you. We figure our name will be on your lips wherever you wear it, especially if you know how to stereo. (it takes two).


3. To get the shirt you have to come in to Audioland where you'll discover why great sound and Audioland are synonimous; when it comes to audio equipment prices, even the discount appliance stores can't get down like we do.


4. The price of the shirt is $3.95, a reasonable sum for such a good shirt. But with the shirt we give you FREE a ticket to the fabulous 1976 Detroit Hi Fi Show at Cobo Hall! You get the shirt today. Both for $3.95 at all our sound centers now.


Michigan's No. 1 centers for sound




Go to the hi fi show on Feb 12, 14 & 15.


North Woodward.

4725 Woodward at 14 Mile Road, 576-1770

Port Huron, 314 Huron St 985-7191

East Side, 36633 Gratiot, South of 16 Mile, 791-1400

Ann Arbor, Briarwood Mall 761-6150


Northwest, 8 Mile at Grand River Livonia

33919 Plymouth Rd, West of Farmington Road.


It takes two to stereo. You and Audioland.