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Mcintosh Ma 6100

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. The Mclntosh quality has long been a Standard for the rest of the audio industry Vheirreputation for building American-made equipment is known to all sophisticated audio buyers. $699.00 _ NAKAMICHI 700 STEREO CASSETTE DECK "FtaK" "" The performance specifications of the Nakamichi 700 I ■ k I ■ ■ are equivalent to or better than many fine reel-to-reel ■ j, - U tape decks. An outstanding cassette deck for the S seriousaudiophile. S899.00 Bb_l VHHHHHV, lH MITSUBISHI ATURAE2 Hl j SgTheBeogram4002.aturntable jtt .tself to sound unequalled in both concept and reproduction that ,s ■ mW performance. In manual or autoM;; „J literal to the original. matic operation you never touch Xil 1 "" They insist upon ▼ thetonearm. The MMC 6000 Nkï- searching for that ideal cartridge, which is included, is B combination of compo_ capable of reproducing stereo, nents which fulfill the dynamic potential in ■ pW 4-channel matrix, and CD-4 recorded music. They want all frequencies iy records with extraordinary from bass fundamentals to the upper limits of ■ - fidelity. $690.00 human hearing accurately reproduced. HI'FI 618S. Main St.,AnnArbor (313) 769-4700 ■ l -bhm 1101 E. Grand River, E. Lansing (517) 337-1767 . Bü 2j 4810 W. Saginaw, Lansing (517) 484-4589 B