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The Má 103. Few people would expect more in a loudspeaker. ww"(i; For most people, the Avid Model il eagi ,'-. 1 03 really is the ultímate speaker. BV Not that you can't pay more for a JM speaker. You can. A lot more. But, for most audio enthusiasts IjjSpvl any difference between the Avid 1 03 and ÏSCw 1 more expensive speakers just isn't going Bfl to justify the added cost. As it is, the 1 03 HMPfl clearly outperforms speakers costing up ,Üjgj totwicetheirprice. ■ The Avid 103. IV'J Youoweittoyourselftofindout B" I why it is rapidly becoming the popular H newreference Standard for 3-way HlvffW - systems. For yournearest Avid dealer, ■)■ pleasewrite: 10 fnpps Lane, East Prov., Hl. 02914 Sound producís for Avid listeners. Seeus at the Detroit Hi-Fi Show, Room 3101. Avid speakers are available at: I D Absolute Sound, Detroit DAlma's Hi-Fi Stereo, Dearborn DHigh Fidelity Workshop, Royal Oak