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I Rotel R A-1412 ■BBBÜ Intergrated Stereo IBi IBíb : j I "We doubt that a better IH I "OTfcli 7 Jj amplifier, with similar IH I l ] ,. . Lt vt è W 9 power and control 1 I j (@t { J features, can be bought I mJ _Z-- for less money"- I L- ' Feb 1976 Stereo Review I Rotel RX-402 AMFM I Stereo Receiver_aaiaiaaAflHHHlfel_ I Excellent tuner and wÈBKÈÊKËÊÊBaÊËÈKr I amplifier performance SHHfBSB"JdMflS9L00 Iwith 25 watts RMS power T!lBHHf I capabilities. Chosen as a n BSpPP consumer yBest Buyf - fl fS i BiH Rtei RP"3000 I kSPPIv Drive Turntable I ÊÊSSSÊSk t Precise speed, minimal wow, flutter, and vibration I íCHé&HHP m levels make this table one of the top directdrive I . HjPpP JfuÊW tables. Built-in strobe, speed selector, variable I jffr pitch controls' adjustable insulation feet, spirit I Smr. level meter ancJ detachable free stop dust cover. I V ROTEL EQUIPMENT MEANS VALUÉ I Represented in Michigan ■■■ Theodore Hh. Dealer Inquiries ■■ We invite vou to visit us in Room 3100 Jensen Model 21 Jensen Model 22 Jensen Model 23 Big sound from a compact bookshelf The two-way speaker system for the The finest two-way system made system. Features a powerf ui 8" two-way music lover who wants more for his today. Features a 10" woofer with system with single front-mounted money. Complete with giant 10" woofer, exclusive Flexair suspension and 1 Vi" optimum performance control. 2" cone tweeter and exclusive OPC Sonodome tweeter for optimum high frequency control. frequency performance. Plus CompTrac - - : s _- - v - crossover network and unique OPC control. Jensen Model 24 Jensen Model 25 Serenata A three-way system with features of A truly outstanding value in a four speaker When this Jensen speaks, the world listens. systems costing much more. Powerful three-way system. Inside are a giant 15" Features a 15" Flexair woofer, 8" midrange, I 12" Flexair woofer. Vh" Sonodome Flexair woofer, two 3" cone midranges and 5" direct radiating tweeter and two Sonodome tweeter, 3" cone midrange. CompTrac a Vh" Sonodome tweeter. Complemented ultratweeters plus dual OPC controls. computer-designed crossover network. by two OPC controls. Dual front-mounted OPC controls. w DUCTION OVER ALL CITIZENS BAND - 1 W m. VOICE FREQUENCIES. JT' W ,&9b ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ L Sr J$3 Ew?VW - rS IW3yS FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE w&mrm A IÉ - loncAn camper or trailer. L '"J öafl WJ&Sto ■■Oil FEATURES INCLUDE L Wgaa mm ■ ■■ YEAR WARRANTY, l M W IVIODllG FLEXAIR FOAM -Ww r -m m suspensions, syntox-- r:lÊBT CmaLaw 6CERAMICMAGNETS, '4É i Opt?cW!l?r SWEETER SOLID STATE ■ ' TWEETER, AND " #of-AmC EXCEPTIONAL J WyOlClira DURABILITY. I AltOICAIOItll s by Theodore Firaneck Sales I A. Firanek i" 313-391-1177 P at the Detroit Hi-Fi Show, Feb. 1 1 5 - b- - J mwÊ