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A Gol pel F MS Ti M M Marión WilLiAMS &Tk Radio ChoiR OF New Bt tIie I Bajitíst ChuRch (Mutic of the Black Church. Pan I) suNdAyfftb.T5 6:30 pm. Tickets: $6.50, $5.50. $4.50 350 Years of an Art Form, from the Spiritual to the Evolving Forms of Gospel today. Parts II, III, IV, in April, May, and June. tUc Kei'tIi Jarrett MONdAy,MARch 8 OUARTET 8:00pm, Tickets:$6.50, $5.50, $4.50 "Music of overwhelming beauty continúes to flow from pianist Keith Jarrett's fingers in an undiminished torrent." Rolling Stone, June '75 Ed INeIson In CÍVE 'EM HeII HARRy FEb.17-21 Harry Truman, to his Treasury Secretary John Snyder, in the late 1940's about then California Congressman Richard M. Nixon: "If that son of a bitch gets elected President, he'll hurt this country," Bicentennial Offer: Student Groups 50% Off - Cali 963-7622 1 _ ■ i ■ ' CD.22 Bobby Short 6:30pm One Show Only "King of New York's Cafe Carlyle" If you dig the 30's & 40's per Cole Porter, Noel Coward, et. al., this iconoclastic pianovocal stylist you'll remember just as long. Box Office 963-7680 (VHJHC Uil' uenii lof irw rriiomium m 3S0 WtffKm Aeue. Doti. MtKrrt 48226 fOR TÍt pERÍORMÍNq ARTS (JJ (Ml @