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The Clay Pot

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The Perfect Valentine Gift! No Matter What Your Price Range String X) Hearts efaw J $295 fk H $125 k. " (Ceropegia) aso called Rosary vine and Hearts Entangled lts obvious Mow Ihis plant gol all ils mcknames -the altractive leaves and vmes m snades ot siiver and purple have mspired thoughts ot Doth romance and religión Pairs ot hean-shaped leaves Irail protuseiy over the sides of the pot. making this an extraordmary addition to your window garden 01 all the ceropegia vaneties. C woodn is the most attractive. with small pufplish flowers and tmy bulos that lorm at the iomings ot the leaves Light : Filtered sun to Dngnt shade Water: Soak; when surlace teels dry. resoak 4474 Third at Prentis (just 3 blocks south of Wayne State's campus) LOVE ÍS GREEN!