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Feb.28: "The Scene", 5:00, ch. 62.
Feb. 28: "The Gino Washington Show," 6:00, ch. 62. Feb. 28: "Rock Concert" with 10cc, Ramsey Lewis, Jimmy Rodriguez, 11:00 am, ch. 50.
Feb. 28: "Tomorrow's Saudi Arabia" narrated by Burgess Meredith. 8:00 pm, ch.56.
Feb. 28: "Lou Gordon Show" with co-host Dick Cavett; and discussion "Do People Have the Right to Die?" 10:00 pm, ch. 50.
Feb. 29: "Lou Gordon Show" with guest host Sonny Elliott; discussion of UFO's - Are We Being Visited?, J. Anthony Lucas - The Untold Watergate Story. 10:00 pm, ch. 50.
Feb. 29: "Why Do Birds Sing?" 8:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 3: "The Desert Rats" with Richard Burton, James Mason, Robert Newton, and Robert Douglas. 11:30 pm, ch. 50
March 4: "Tall Story" with Jane Fonda, Anthony Perkins, Ray Walston, Anne Jackson and Murray Hamilton, 11:30 pm, ch. 50.
March 4: "Chicago Conspiracy Trial," A documentary drama based on actual transcript of "Chicago Seven" trial, 9:00, ch. 56.
March 5: Detroit Black Journal, 9:30, ch. 56.
March 5: Soundstage with Waylon Jennings, Jessie Colter, and Johnny Rodriguez, 10:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 6: "Lou Gordon Show" with Jack McCarthy; discussion - Do Women really like male centerfold magazines' 10:00 pm, ch. 50.
March 6: "The Saboteurs of Telemark", firsthand report on the nine men who crippled the Nazi's atomic research program during World War II, 8:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 6: "The Red Shoes," ballet story of young ballerina, 6:30, ch. 56.
March 6: Vienna Philharmonic: A Tribute To Johann Strauss, 9:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 6: The Strauss Family -"Anna," 10:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 6: "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw, produced by Gabriel Pascal, starring Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller. 11:30 pm, ch. 56.
March 6: "The Great Imposter" with Tony Curtis starring in incredible true-life story of a famous inposter, 11:30pm, ch.4.
March 7: "Lou Gordon Show" with Jack Mc Carthy and John Lindsay, ex-mayor of New York; Eartha Kitt, Ernest Van Denhaag, a sociologist speaking on crime and punishment. 10:00pm, ch. 56.
March 8: "The Boston Pops in Hollywood," Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd join Arthur Fiedler. 8:30 pm, ch. 56.
March 8: "The Ragtime Years," starring Max Morath in a theatrical performance. 10:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 9: "The Incredible Machine" a National Geographic special on the human body. 7:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 9: "It's Hard to Be A Penguin," a documentary capturing their delightful antics. 8:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 9: "John Quincy Adams: Secretary of State (1817-1825)," 9:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 10: "The Time of Your Life," a Pulitzer Prize winning drama by John Houseman:s The Acting Co., 9:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 10: "Waltz of the Toreadors" with Peter Sellars and Margaret Leighton. 11:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 11: "This Britain: Heritage of the Sea," 7:00 pm, Ch. 56.
March 11: "The Saboteurs of Telemark," authentic recollections of Krushchev, narrated by Burgess Meredith, 8:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 11: "The Hemingway Play" with Samantha Eggar and Alexander Scourby, 9:00 pm, ch. 56.
March 11: "La Strada" with Anthony Quinn and Richard Basehart in Frederico Fellini's Academy Award winning film. 10:30 pm, ch. 56.
Everyday: "The Scene" 5:00 pm, ch. 62.
Coming April 2 thru April 10 from 2:00 pm - midnight, Channel 56's 8th Annual Great TV Auction.