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Dynamic Superiors

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At the 20 Grand

Playing before SRO crowds for two weekendsat the 20 Grand, the Dynamic Superiors didn't take long to gain complete control over their audience. Non-stop hand-clapping starled things off with a pulsating "On and On," and at the set's midway point the Superiors dipped into the classic bag for their impressions of the Marcels' "Blue Moon," Lloyd Price's "Mr. Personality," the Chantles' "Maybe," and others. Tony Washington, the falsetto lead of the group, was in excellent form, adding sprinkles of spoken humor to his dynamic interpretations of the group's material throughout the show. His brother Maurice, the man with the deeeeep deep voice, sent tremors through the room, while the other members of the five-man unit did equally well while sharing the leads. The group's choreography, rivalled only by more time and perfection, shows that the Superiors have been doing their homework for some time, and their tions of hit numbers "Shoe Shoe Shine," "Leave It Alone," and "Deception" turned the crowd into a bunch of jumpin' jacks as well. We can only offer our sympathy to those male groups who may have to share the same stage with the Dynamic Superiors- they've got it!