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Tavares At Henry's Cocktail Lounge

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Dug on a really fantastic show at Henry's a eouple of weeks ago. live really fine brothers, by tlie last name of Tavares, sent the ladies lustfully mad with ilieir high-steppin', soul stirrin', heart throbbin', high-powered show. They literally brought everyone involved to their t'eet with all their singing and dandng expertise! "What's that ya say? Tavares who?" "Aw. . you know, the Tavares biothefs- five good lookin' dudes, all from the sanie mama and the same papa!" ■ Ralph. Butch, Pooch, Chubby and Tiny Tavares hail all the way from Boston, Massachusetts, and they've brought us such hits as "Check It Out," "Too Late," "It Only Takes A Minute Girl," "She's Gone," and their current release, "Free Ride." Hey, listen, these fellas really get down, takin ya on a sho' nuff "ride" with such heart-irending songs as "Strangers In Dark Corners." Tearing at your heart with his begging, pleading, lovely falsetto, Butch Tavares sends goose bumps every-which-way and makes ya just want to reach out to him, touch him, love him . . . while Chubby Tavares takes ya on home with his soulstirring testimonial! Then, if that ain't enough, they doublé back and send ya into a foot-stompin', finger-poppin' frenzy with a song like "Livin' for the City"! WOW!! I mean, these fellas give you your money's worth- and then some! Not only do the "Bros" do some "git down singin", but they do some "sho nuff dancin"! I swear! Jumpin', leapin', bouncin', wigglin', and struttin' their way through each numberone begins to wonder, "where in the world do the dudes find enough wind to sing and harmonize like they do?" Hey, and they do it quite well! Very appealing and pleasing to all five senses, Tavares is an act you JUST DONT WANT TO MISS! So, dig, the next time they fall through our fair city, check em' out-you won't be sorry! P.S. The fellas seem to dig them too-My Ole Man did!