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March 25: Academy Award Special, Film excerpts from the Academy Award Nomination. 7:30 pm, Ch. 4. March 26: Midnight Special, 1:00 am, Ch. 4. March 27: The Gino Washington Show, 6:00, Ch. 62. March 27: Rolling Funk, 6:30, Ch. 62. March 27: Rock Concert with Gladys Knight, The Crusaders, Undisputed Truth, a film with Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Doors, The Beatles. Ham, Ch. 50. March 28: Lou Gordon Program, "Is the Unification Church guilty of brainwashing the Young?" The Reverand Neil Salomen is guest. Also, Robín Lloyd, author of "For Money or Love," gives an nvestigative exposé of Boy Prostitution in America. Guest host is Dave Diles, 10:00 pm, Ch. 50. March 28: Nova-What Time is Your Body?, 8:00, Ch. 56. March 29: 48th Annual Academy Awards, 10:00 pm, Ch. 7. March 30: The Battle of Algiers, 12:30, Ch. 62. April 2-10: Great TV Auction, 2:00 pm-midnight, Ch. 56. April 3: Lou Gordon Program, 10:00, Ch. 50. April 4: Lou Gordon Program, 10:00, Ch. 50. April 10: Rock Concert with Chuck Berry, Ruby Starr, Grey Ghost. Mon.-Sat.: The Scène. 5:00. Ch. 62. j