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I cMOVIES I Detroít & Suburbs Cass City Cinema: Oct. 1 & 2, "Steelyard Blues" with Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda, First Unitanan Church, Cass and Forest, 7:30 and 10:00. Adm. $1.50. Detroit Film Theatre at the Art I nstitute, two shows nightly, 7 & 9:30: Sept. 14, "The leeman Cometh"; Sept. 25, "California Split"; Oct. 1, "Castle of Purity"; Oct. 2, "Pickpocket"; Oct. 3, "A Bird That Sings." U of M-Dearborn: Room 179 E.L.B -Adm. $1.00 i American Film Series: Sept. 22-26, "The Last Detail"; Sept. 29-Oct. 3, "Young Frankenstein." Foreign Film Series: Wed.Sat., 7:3O Sun. 4:30 pm: Sept. 22-26, "The Passenger"; Sept. 29-Oct. 3, "Last Tango In Paris." Royal Oak Public Library Sound Film Series, 222 E. 11 Mile, FREE, 6:30 pm: Sept. 30, "Open City", with Anna Magnani; Oct. 7, "Farewell To Arms" with Gary Coopcr and Helen Hayes. Spark Film Series: Oct. 3, "Malcolm X", based on the autobiography of Malcolm X. Included n the film are actual film clips of the late revolutionary. 7:30 pm. Central Methodist Church, 23 E. Adams. $2.00. Avon Township Library Film Series, FREE, 210 w. University Dr., Rochester, 651-1426: "Oxbow Incident", Sept. 30, 7:30 pm. Área Study Film Festival, Oakiand'Center, Gold Room, Rochester, Oakland University: Sept. 29, 12 noon, "A Cat, Two Women, & One Man." Schoolcraft Cinema Series, 18600 Haggerty Rd. Livonia, Oct. 8, "The Searchers"; Oct. 1 5, "Shane"; Oct. 22, "The Hired Hand". Information: 591-6400 ext. 445. "Gone With The Wind": Americana complex, Carousel, Riverland, Kingswood, Somerset Malí, Mai Kai, Southgate, Calvin, Oíd Orchard, Warren Cinema. "Devil Woman'T'Dragons Never Die": Adams. "Deep Throat'T'The Devil In Miss Jones": Studio 8, Jewel, Art II. 'Tunnel Vision'V'A Boy and His Dog": Quo vadis, Eastland, Towne, Movies at Fairlane, Mtracle Mile, oíd Orchard. "Fantasy in Blue'7'They Shall Overeóme": Gem Art. "The Omen": Abbey, Fairtane, Showcase, Farminqton 4, Southgate, Americana, Plaza, Vogue. 'The Analyst": Nortown. "Teenage Twins": Mel, 6 Miie, Capri, Irving, Globe. "The Return of a Man Callee! Horse": Dearborn, Livonia Mail, Quo Vadis, Macomb Malí, Showcase Sterling Hts., Movies at Lakeside, SouthlandjEastland, Pontiac Mali, Towne.' "Silent Movte ': Americana, Allen Park, Showcase. Terrace, Movies at Fairlane, Movies at Lakeside, Warren Cinema City. "Murder By Death": Americana, Gateway, Showcase-Pontiac, Beacon East, La Parisién, Somerset Mali, Farmington 4, Movies at Lakeside, Southgate. "Blaaing Saddles'7'The 12 Chairs": Fri.-Sat., "Steppenwolf" : Cabaret. "Sparkle'V'Black Belt Jones": Fox. "The Rogue": Gratiot, Waterford, Wayne. "Slumber Party '57.": Gateway, Ecorse RD, Taylor-Cinema, Tel-Ex, Showboat, Oearborn, Oak, Showboat, Van Dyke. "FightingMad'V'Breaking Point": Allen Park, Camelot, Carousel, Eastwood, Livonia Mali, Macomb Mali, Parkway, Royal Oak, Shelby, Taylor-Cinema, Westborn, woods, Wyandotte-Annex, Galaxy, Michigan, Ypsilantt. "Naked Afternoon": Art II, Guild, Krim I. "Honeypie'VFrench Schoolgirls": Studio North, Park. "The Story of Eloise": Penthouse, Stage. "Bizarre Moods'V'The Fury In Alice": Pussycat, Lido. "C -M Rinse'V'Mother, Brother and I": Sassy Cat. "Winter of 1849""A Mixed Combo": Hiland. 'The Spook Who Sat By The Door'VAbby": Madison, Mercury. "Logans Run": Abbey, Showcase, Southland, Livonia Mali, Ramona. "To The Devil- A Daughter": Palms, Birmingham, Movies-Lakeside, Radio City, Showcase-Sterling Hts., Wyandotte-Annex, Abbey, Farmington 4, Norwest, Showcase-Pontiac, Telex, Beacon East, Movtes-Fairlane, Parkway, Showboat, Terrace. "Harry and Walter Go To New York": Dearborn, Pontiac Mali, Macomb Mali, Quo Vadis, I Movies-Prudential Ctr., Village. "St. Ives": Bloomfield, Showcase-Sterling Hts., I Movies-Fairlane, Tel-Ex Cinema, Quo Vadis, Woods. "Goodbye, Bruce Lee" (featuring Kareem Abdul Jabbar): Drive-in showing only: East Side, Ford-Wyoming, West Side. cAnn cArbor Ann Arbor Film Co-op, Aud. A- Angelí Hall or Modern Languages Bldg., U of M, 769-7787: Showtimes 7 & 9, adm. $1.25. 922, "Singin' In The Rain" (1952, Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly); 923, "MacBeth" (1948, Orson Welles) 7 only, "Falstaff" (1966, Orson Welles) 9 only 924, "Psycho" (1960, Alfred Hitchcock) 7 & 10:30, "Le Boucher" (French, 1969, Claude Charbrol) ; 925, "The Point (1970, Fred Wolf) 1:30, 3 & 4:30- MLB 3, "The Four Muskateers" (1975, Richard Lester) 7 & 9- MLB 3, "Swingtime" (1936, George Stevens) 7 only-MLB 4, "Gold Diggers of 1933" (1933, Mervyn LeRoy) 9 only- MLB 4; 927, "Pickpocket" (1959, Robert Bresson) 7 only, "Mouchette" (French, 1968, Robert Bresson) 9 only; 928, "West Side Story" (1961, Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins); 1929, 'The Long Goodbye" (1973, Rob(Continued on page 21)