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mí f f i íf í wS3ñ ■ How to get pleasure ■ ■ f rom being broke I Being broke is a state of mind, that is until your checks start bouncing all over.Then it is a state of confusión. Until you can move to another state, think of all the positives: ( a) It's inexpensive. ( (mtkci ) b) You don t have to look forchange. W&fyh V c Your relatives won't cali. V )L{a You can paint yc'ur feet " save on shoesArm 11 N e) You can create a nnural - connect the yéf Plvf Remember, being broke meansnever mm _T ■ I ! SinNewportis'TongueinCheek'Serics mjl Büa Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined bo ie mg. -taf. 1.1 mg. Kingt 17 mg."tsr". That Cigarette Smoking Is Danperous to Your Health. 1.2 mg. nicotine: 100's: 19 mg."tat", 1.4 mg. nicotine ■ 3v. psf cigaiene, FTC Rsport April 1976. '