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DEA Probé (amtinucii from cover) The t'ollowing day Young, after consulting with Hart, appointed Inspector James Bannon to f'ill the Executive Deputy Chief positiun which had been held by Frank Blount before the city's first black Nuniber Two cop was implicated in the DEA investigation. Bannon, former comniander of the now-disbanded STRESS unit of the DPD, was considered the top cholee tor the Pólice Chief job by both local dailies before Young decided to name Hart to the position. On the same day Deputy Chief Reginald Harvel, head of Western Operations for the DPD and a fot mei commander of the naicotics-ridden lOth (Livernois) Precinct, was found dead in his ' northwest Detroit home after his wife discovered him lying on the floor of a second-floor bathroom with a smoking .38 pólice special at hand. Harvel was a close longtime associate of Frank Blount and had been linked by several sources to the DtA's investigation of Blount. In Itis last hurrah before leaving office, former Pólice ('hief Tannian refused to submit his resignation to Mayor Young, insisting that public opinión would.demand that he not be fïred while the accused Blount Tannian'i arch-enemy witliin the DPD was allowed to take an "educational leave of absence" pending his planned December retiremeut. Mayor Young, wlio liad offercd Tannian his choice of jobs in the city administration upon resigning f rom the top pólice post, carried through on liis promise to remove Tannian under any circumstances, citing Tannian's refusal to inform him of the existence of the DEA investigation and the former ehieP s inability to control the DPD as reasons for the former Roman Gribbs aide's dismissal. Willie Volsan, a reputed numbers man who is related by marriage to both Mayor Young and the late Deputy Chief Harvel, continued to be a point of speculation as he reponed to a News writer that lie presently fears for his lite even though he insists tliat he is not testifying to the DEA grand jury. Leo Underwood, the for mei proprietor of Leo's Standard Service at Woodward and Harper where Frank Blount maintained an after-work watering spot in a mobile home owned by Underwood. was reponed to be under federal protective custody. Speculation has it that Underwood and an associate are the feds' chief witnesses in the Blount probe, which now seems, to center on Blount 's alleged operation of a tow-truck kick-back scheme centered in the I3th (Woodward) Precinct, where Blount once served as commander. The Mayor's cousin, Dr. Claude Young, president of the Detroit Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the principal organizer of the city's recent March Against Crime, was called before the DEA grand jury to testify for three hours late last week. Speculation is that Dr. Young's testimony concerned the Young ily's Lounge and Ba'rbeque, located on Livernois Avenue next door to Bob Bolton's bar - the site of the near-riot of July, 1975 - where Volsan and reputed cotíes peddler Kenny Garren were reported to have based themselves during 1974 and part of 1975. The Lounge, along with the mobile home maintained by Underwood on Woodward Ave., was put under electronic surveillance by local and federal pólice agents in 1974 alter a narcotics informant in the lOth Precinct alleged that narcotics activity was taking place there. As The Sun goes to press there is httle we can do but redouble our efforts to ascertain the facts and put them into some semblance of order. Perhaps the smoke will begin to clear away this week, but in any event the recent developmentswill continue to change the picture for the immediate future of the city of Detroit until some of the serious charges are either borne out or revealed as a mammoth hoax. Staytuned.o