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This is the last week of Libra. On October 23 the Sun moves into Scorpio, joining Mars and Uranus. Venus will move out of c Scorpio and into Sagittarius on r 1 the 2Oth. The intensity of the t i times will no doubt at least get $ our blood circulating to provide I enough warmth to face the cold I winter ahead. Another interesting move is Júpiter re-entering Taurus, ; I ly across f rom Scorpio, on the 1 6thi for the rest of the year. We may 1 get some easing of adverse ■ I cial conditions, but not without i a lot of effort. iJ ARIES (March 20v? April 18)-Enjoy the 1 people you are closest to, and include their ideas when you ; make plans. Try not to be too t. idealistic- communicate more to - get the facts you need. 1 TAURUS (April 19-May 19)- Your concern with i finances will bring results only with new and nnovative 8 ideas. Apply yourself with deterI mination, but don't be deluded L by haphazard daydreams. - . i GEMINI (May 20June 20)-Personal re; I lationships are on your I mind a lot- unfortunately they I can cause confusión unless you keep them in perspective with I the rest of your nvolvements. Be practical. 1 CÁNCER (June 21-July Oñ 21)-Your lifeisfull of 1 surprises now. Don't get :aught with your sensitivities langing out- try to take things as :hey come. You have a lot of eneriy and can accomplish much. -pr] LEO (July 22-August Xy 21 )-Fnances can be a - - - i thorn n your plans, and it's not easy to think of alternatives. Don 't give up- close friends can ease some of the tensión. Plan more for the future. p=r- VIRGO (August 22-Sepy tember 21 )-Love doesn't I work out the way you want t to. Concéntrate more on business and health and you can accomplish much. When help is needed, do your part. I LIBRA (September 22-- October It s easier to communicate your sensitivity. This expression of feelings can ease some of the tensión you've been feeling lately. Vour love now goes deep and soars high at the same time, so enjoy it. 1 SCORPIO (October 23W[tf November 20)- Pul your - - - I energy into your work and control your temper. Don't be rritated by setbacks- analyze problems and apply yourself with creative solutions and patience. i - - X ber 21 -December 20) 1 You tend to be warmer towaids friends and lovers and more! controlled n your approach to business. It s easier to weather your setbacks- don't lose sight of your goals. -0- CAPRICORN (December Yj 21-January 20)-This can 1 be a prosperous time for you f you concéntrate on being creative and don't let a lack of communication get you down. Think hard about the deep feelings you have. 1 AQUARIUS()anuary 21v& February 18)-Gather - - - I the facts that can help you reach your goals now. Communicate freely with friends and lovers to add to your knowledge, but try not to get rritated when success is not mmediate. -r- PISCES (February 19l March 19)- Your enerI gy level is climbing fast, along with your aspirations. Don't get caught n illusions of what is possible. Apply yourself to new deas, but only after much thought. o