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For The Signal Of Liberty

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Letter to the Editor
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Messrs ExÈcütivÈ Committee: - rur the benefit of ihose who are inierested in chrislian abolitionism in our State, permit me to say, that our special meeting in Plymouth was nol as some say "whully a lostopporluniiy.' We had but a comparatively smalt turn oul, owing in part to the busy season of the yenr; and the fact, that anoiher Anti slavery Cunvention was held in the county at the same t:me. in the afternoon of the first day I delivered an Address, though niy health was so much impaired by late stcUness, that I wasjust uble to stand upon my feet. It was a time of much good feeling. The few who were present are atnong those who will never "strike colora" until the Moloch of this Nation's Slavery,falls in church and State. As some havo expressed their fears, that while an unsparing hand cither onaction upon Cliurches or on Political Action, that it will be to the detriment of oue or the other. To these pennit me to say, Breihren ! fear not : too much cannot bedone either in rcdeeming our reiigion, or our statute books from the foul urses that Slavery has put upon them; find it is a striking coincidcnce that any Ibulhiuniat faithful ut the Polls, if a professorofchristianit}', is faithful in church action, and you will almostinvariably find ihat, unfaithfulness in the one is attended with unfaithfukiess in the other. People 'ill sometimes beconsistant.