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Pro-slavery Bible: Chapter Ii

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[The diflcrence between the principies of the Bible and of slaveholding religión may be readily scen ly accommodatinr a ew passages to ihe principies of shivery, s ihey must be made lo read in order to make the Bible sanciion The institution. - )r instance:] 1. "Thou shalt neither vcx a stranper, or oppress hitn," pnJess he is a free black ná then he ir.ust be driven from the st;ito. r an aboüiior-ist, and ihen he must be nched; 2. "T!;ou shalt not Ihy ncihor, neilher rob him,v unleys he is a slave. 3. "Ifthy broiher be waxen poor, and allen indecuy with thee, then iho shait cüeve hitii," unless he is a free colored man, and then he fchall be driven from theState as tsoon as posible as a pest and nuianco; "yea, though he be a stranger or a sojourner, that he mny tlwcll wiih thee," exeept he be of African descent, and then ie must be colonized in bis fatherland. 4. "Thou shvik not deliver unto bis musier the servant which is escaped (rom lis master unto thee," unless the per?on escaping be a negro, and the law requiíes ütn lo bedeüvered up; "thuu shüjt not oppress hini" unless somebody has alrcady nade a slave of him for his own goud : theti you may oppress !)im for Ke. 5. "if a niiin be fuund steaüng any of lis brethren of the children of Israel and raakelh merchandize of. him, and sellcih lim, that man shall dief' ahvays excepting, that ministers and white brethren in lhe church, may lawfully sleal and sell the children of their coiored brethrea in the church who are sluvcs as soon as they are born . G. "Blessed is he that cor.sidorcth the pooi" unlesá they are poorslaves. Theyire so contented and happy thút no cotisideration excèpt what the master bestows on llietn is necessary. 7. "Deferid the poor and fatherless" unless they are bluck, and some ccclesiastical body ad vise yoö not lo incddle with tliem. 8. "Deliver the poor nnd necdy; rtd them out of ihe hands uf lite wielicd,1' un-less they a ie in the hands of slavoholdcrs. 9. "Biessed is the people that kr.ows the joyful sound''; except that portion of them who are not ullowcd to uttend meetings without the consent of their masters, under the penalty of nvenly lashes on the bare bacl; "in thy natne shall ihey rejoice al the day long," except when thcir maslei overhears and flogs their. for praying. 10. ''The IiOrd looselh the prisoiier?,' excepting those held captivo br elaveholders. 11. "The Lord opencth the eves of thejlind," excepling Ihose whorn the slaveïoldérs forlml to read ihe Bible. 12. "The Lord raiscih tlietn tljat are ixnved down," exxept they are bowed down by hard work for slaveholdcrs. 13. "The Lord preserveth the slranggers," unless they are abolitionists, and then they are to be "hung without benefit of clergy." 14. ''The poor is hnled of bis own neighbor," espccially if he bea free colored man. He must not then be seen even in the church, unlesa itbe in the "nigger" pew. 15. "Rob not the poor because he is poor," but rob him because he is black, and cannot take care of himself. In such a case it is a mercy to rob him. 16. "Open thy mouth for the dumb," unles?s the minister and leading members of the church advise you to be silent. 17. "Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad," unless he be a slave, and dien., if he be wisc, he would not take his liberty if it were offered him. 18. "Relieve ihe oppressed" but be carcful what measures you take. By al! means refrain from doing it through the ballot box. 19. "Have we not all on father,' except the negroos, who are of a different race,20. "Do no violencc to the stranger," unle3s he is an nbolitionist, or distribute? the Bible among the slavcs. 21. ''VVhen ihou eeest the naked that thou cover him," unless he be black, and the law, as in ihe State of Ohio, íbrbids it. In that case, let him go naked. 22. "Deal thy bread to the hungry, and bring the poor that are cast out to thy house" unless they are fugitíveslaves and have cast themsel ves out from the house of the 8layeholder. Ín such cases, remember the example of Paul, who sent back Onesimus to hi? law fu I ownor.


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