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The Contrast: For The Signal Of Liberty

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On perusing "Rev. John Wesley's Thoughts on Slavery," a large edition of which he published in the year 1787, and dispersed to every part of England, I was forcibly impressed with his ardent zeal manifested for the poor slave, and particularly with the breathings of his full soul to God in the behalf of the oppressed, as expressed in his Prayer, which may be found at the conclusion of the tract, which I have transcribed for publication, for the purpose of showing what an abolition prayer was fifty-four years ago. Contrast the efforts of Mr. Wesley, more than a half century since in behalf of suffering humanity, with those of many who profess to be his followers at this day, who proscribe and denounce as schismatics, those who pray for the slave, and whose faith is shown by their works. Contrast them, also, with the Resolution of the Georgia Conference, which declared that Slavery was "not a moral evil," We are led to exclaim in the language of the Prophet: - "From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it, but wounds bruises and putrifying sores." THE PRAYER. "O thou God of love, thou art loving to every man, and whose mercy is over all thy works; though who art the Father of the spirits of all flesh, and who art rich in mercy unto all; thou, who hast mingled of one blood all the nations upon earth, have compassion upon these outcasts of men, who are trodden down as dung upon the earth. Arise, and help these that have no helper, whose blood is spilt upon the ground like water. Are not these also, the work of thine own hands; the purchase of thy Son's blood? Stir them up to cry unto thee in the land of their captivity, and let their complaint come up before thee: let it enter into thine ears. Make even those that lead them away captive, to pity them, and turn their captivity as the rivers in the South. O burst thou all their chains of their sins. Thou Saviour of all, make them free that they may be free indeed."