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Agenda created the Community Resource Directory (CRD) in order to give Ann Arbor community organizations a forum in which to publicize their activities. Each organization listed in the Directory was invited to submit general information about themselves and their current activities. Except for minor editing, what you read in the Community Resource Directory was written by members from the organization. Some entries are longer than others because some organizations submitted more material. Also, many of the organizations listed in the CRD were very active in March making news , with little time to spare for writing about themselves. However, many organizations responded with very substantive and well thought out material. We here at Agenda hope that what you read in the CRD will help you become more familiar with the wide range of possibilities available to a person living in this área if they are concerned about a particular issue or want to volunteer their time to a human service organization There is a great diversity of community organizations here in Ann Arbor. Some have only a few members and work on a single issue . Others have a paid staff with large memberships and work on many issues. Agenda believes there is something healthy about this. Such diversity offers those intereseted in becoming involved a number of choices. Agenda originally invited almost 50 organizations in Ann Arbor to particípate in the CRD. Our invitation still stands to these groups as well as others in the community who are appropriate to our format. There will be a general meeting of all who wish to particípate in the May issue. Please cali Agenda at 996-8018 for the time and date of the meeting or if you have any questions or suggestions.