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Gay Liberation

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Community Resource Directory G3V RJCjhtS co 41 17 Michigan Union Arm Albor, MI 481 09 INFO: 763-4186 HOTUNE: 662-1977 Statement of Purpose To provide information, counseling, and related social services for people concerned about sexual orientation: (1) maintain Hotline for crisis intervention, peer counseling, referral; (2) help provide tactual information to offset prejudice, and misinformation about lesbians and gay men; (3) work to obtain human and civil rights for lesbians and gay men; (4) consult and cooperate with other community groups and agencies; (5) help other lesbian and gay male groups organizo. Meetings and Membership Our meetings vary according to purpose (counseling, education, Cali for information. Our organization is made up of students, staff , UM faculty, and people from the larger community. Currentty there are approximatery 50 members. Organizational Structure Gay Liberation has the Executive Offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer. We also do aiot of work in Subco mmitte es: Counseling, Group Workers, Education Workers, and CivH Rights. Community Services Hotline: Crisis intervention, peer counseling, referral. Education: Workshops on lesbian and gay male concerns, with an emphasis on how people in helping prof essions can work positively with lesbian and gay male diente. Speakers Bureau: cal for information. Current News The Lesbian-Gay Male Political Caucus is interviewing City Council candidates and will release endorsements for the April 7th cilyelection. Gay Liberation is also cooperating in various campus and city workshops on AIDS. Cali for more information. Coming Events Friday, April 4: Michigan Gay Union "Spring Dance", 9 PM, Law Club Lounge (State St. at S. University). Saturday, April 5: "Coming Out Whole; A Conference on Addiction & Health Within the Lesbian Community", Michigan Union. Sponsored by, inter alia, Lesbian Program Office, Catherine McCauley Health Center. Sunday, May 4: "Positivo Gay Identity Conference", Marygrove College (Detroit). Cali 763-4186 or 863-7255 for information.