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New Jewish Agenda (NJA) 2208 Packard AnnArbor,MI48104 Statement of Purpose We are Jews from a variety of backrounds and aff iliations committed to progressive human values and the building of a shared visión of Jewish life. Our history and tradition inspire us. Jewish experience and reachings can address the social, economie, and politica! issues of our time. Many of us find our inspiration in our people's historical resistance to oppression and from the Jewish presence at the forefront of movements for social change. Many of us base our convictions on the Jewish religious concept of tikun olam (the just ordering of human society and the world), and the prophetic tradition of social justice. (continued on next page) New Jewish Agenda (NJA) (continued from previous page) We are dedicated to insuring the survival and flourishing of the Jewish people. Jews must have the rights to which all people are entitled. But survival is only a precondition of Jewish life, not tts purpose. Our agenda must be determined by our ethics, not our enemies. We need creative and vital Jewish institutions and practices that affirm the best of our traditions and involve members of our community who historically have been excluded. We cali on all Jews who share our visión to join us in working to achieve our goals in the Jewish and wider communities. To those whose visions differ from ours-let us discuss those differences. Authentic Jewish unity grows from respect for and understanding of diversity. Society can be changed and human cooperation can be achieved. Working for social progress not only reflects Jewish deals, but enhances Jewish security. New Jewish Agenda upholds progressive Jewish values and affirms that the goals of peace and justice are attainable. 'Tikun Olam (Talmud, Mishnah Gittin 4:3 , also appears in the Aleynu prayer). General Information The Ann Arbor New Jewish Agenda chapter, active since 1979, welcomes you to particípate with us. Some of you may have participated in our national NJA convention that was held in Ann Arbor last summer. At the local level, we are quite active with monthly membership meetings, Shabbat potlucks and interest group meetings. This year we've sponsored speakers addressing the issues of the sanctuary movement, the feminist movement and the threat of Kahane to Israeli democracy. If you would like to receive our newsletter, become a member, attend one of our events, or if you simply want more information, please cali one of the foilowing members: Steering Committee: Rebecca Kanner 994-571 7 Membership Committee: Evelyn Neuhaus 994-51 71 Central America Interest Group: JudyLipsh'rtz 5210 Middle East Interest Group: Benjy Ben-Baruch 662-921 7 Feminism Interest Group: Laurie White 665-7371