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Your paper is great! Ann Arbor and most of this country, needs more papers like yours. It's nice to see journalism you can trust! One suggestion for future issues; an in depth look at the human rights situation today in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. I'm enclosing a check to cover one year's subscription, one copy of April '86 Agenda and the rest for a donation. Keep up the good work! Patrick Comer Ann Arbor, MI Helio, I am writing to commend you on the great job you've done in providing Ann Arbor with a much needed forum and voice for the real news. I especially appreciate your focus on Central American issues, which the regular news media censors through omission. There seems to be an ominous trend in the national press in the past couple of years to slight many serious world situations of the attention they deserve, evidenced by the obvious lack of information and concern on the part of the general public. With so few alternative papers in existence, Agenda is very vital in keeping open access to a free channel of information. I hope you are gaining increased support from the community. Here's a check to extend my subscription. Keep up the good work. Mary Ann Parsons Ann Arbor, MI Hi! Enclosed is my check for a 1 year subscription to your newsmonthly. As a former Ann Arbor resident and a semifrequent Ann Arbor visitorshopper, I want to keep informed of happenings in the Ann Arbor community. I also enjoy your transcribed speeches and your reportings of happenings elsewhere in the world. It is always refreshing to get a viewpoint different from that presented in the mainstream media which is usually distorted and which I do not pay much attention to anymore. Keep up the good work. Warmly.


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