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Agenda Publications 15 Environment Ecology Center 16 Meerman Archive 16 Gay Rights Gay Liberation 16 Health Issues Wellness Network 17 Housing Ann Arbor Tenants Union 17 Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) 18 Labor Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) 18 Michigan Farm Unity Coalition 18 Latin American Issues A2MISTAD 19 Central America EducationActton 19 HAP-NICA 19 Nicaragua Medical Aid Project (NMAP) 19 Lifestyles Alternative Career Center 20 New Dimensions Study Group 20 Peace and Disarmament Ann Arbor War Tax DissktentsU.S. PeaceTax Fund 20 Coalition for Arms Control (CAC) 20 Michigan Alliance for Disarmament 21 UCAM 21 Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND) 22 Ypsilanti Peace Fellowship 23 Poverty and Hunger Bread for the Worfd 23 World Hunger Education-Action Committee (WHE-AC) 24 Progressive Religión B'nai B'rith Foundation 24 Interfaith Council for Peace (ICP) 24 New Jewish Agenda (NJA) 25 Poseidon Foundation 25 Zen Lotus Society 26 Science and Technology New World Agricutture Group (NWAG) 26 Senior Citizens Housing Bureau for Seniors 26 Social Justice Ann Arbor Coors Boycott Committee 27 Democratie Socialists of America (DSA) 27 New Democratie Movement (NDM) 27 South África Free South África Coordinating Committee (FSACC) 28 International Possibilrties Unlimited (IPU) 28 Women's Issues National Organization for Women (NOW) 28 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) 29 Other Amnesty International 29 PIRGIM 30


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