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Afghan Refugees

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Afghan Refugees

The article regarding atrocities in Afghanistan was appreciated. As well as informing people of circumstances in Afghanistan, you may also wish to make note of organizations working to alleviate the suffering there. 

One such organization is the Afghan Refugee Fund (ARF). Since the Soviet invasion in December 1979, five million Afghans have fled their country and now live in refugee camps around Pakistan. As the target in a war of terror, they have been forced to leave their land. They are the largest refugee population in the world.

The ARF works with European affiliates to collect funds for direct distribution to the refugees. All funds are distributed by volunteer administrators, so all money donated goes directly to the Afghans. The ARF has no political or religious affiliation, and all with real need are considered. Hundreds of families have been helped since 1980. Hundreds of orphans have been clothed, and thousands blinded or crippled by the war have received assistance. 

The needs for medical care, clothing and other necessities are ongoing. Donations or requests for further information can be directed to:

Afghan Refugee Fund, P.O. Box 176, Los Altos, CA 94023, (415)948-9436

Martin Martlock

Farmington Hills