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by Tobi Hanna-Davies There is deep concern in our community about the growing involvement of U-M with the Pentagon. The Pentagon is currently esublishing three new "Centers of Excellence" on North Campus, where increased Star Wars and other weapons research will be conducted. Most disturbing of all, the Regents are considering proposals to drop the "end use" clause which, since the Vietnam War, has prohibited classified research that is destructive to human life. If you share this concern, and believe that no weapons research should be done at the University, classified or not, please let the Regents know before they vote at their April 16-17 meeting : 1) Collect signatures on Ihe WAND pelition, signed by over 200 faculty members, which states that the "end-use" clause should be maintained and extended lo all research; (2) Give or mail the WAND alumni letter to all alumni you know, to sign and send to ihe Regents; (3) Write a letter to the editor of the U-M, Ann Arbor, or Detroit papers, with copies to other papers, so more Michigan citizens become aware of the issues; (4)Come lo the Vigil for a Weapons Research-free University (see 16 Thursday in the CALENDAR) to show your support for ΓΌ-M taking: a leadership position among U.S. universities and refusing complicity in the arnis race. Cali Tobi Hanna-Davies at 662-7869, day or evening, or Jackic Victor at MSA at 763-3241, for copies of the petition and alumni letter.


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