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I ál I American Educational Trust Books on the Middle East at discount prices. A Changing Image: American Pcrceptions of the Arab-Israeli Dispute by Richard Curtiss (hardback) $1 1.95, twofor $14.95 A definitive history of U. S. involvement in the PaleslinianIsraeli dispute. Cited for faimess and accuracy by all three living fonner American presidente. Thcy Darc to Spcak Out by Paul Findley (hardback) 513.95, two for $16.95 ín this Best Seller, a former Illinois Congressman examines the impact of the Isracli lobby upon the U. S. govemment, academia and the media. Isracl's Sacrcd TcrrorLsm by Livia Rokach (paperback) $4.95, two for $530 An Israeli insiders account of her govemment's delibérate provocation of war with the Arab States in order to scize territories which eluded the Israeli's in 1948. Payment by Visa, Mastercard, check ormoney order to: P.O. Box 53062 Dept. AA Washington, D.C. 20009


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