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How much do you know about AGENDA? $28,402 V Here's a chance lo lest your expertise. V Agenda' circulation is: V a) 2000 b) 5000 c) 10.000 d) 1 5,000 VY How many locations dstribute Agenda? a) 170b) 140 c) 1 10 d) 75 V How many aubacribera doe Agenda have? $20,684 Tt a) 140 b) 240 c) 340 d) 440 WM :;:;.: How long has AGENDA been around? a) not tong enoughl WMWifaiyS: answers: 1) c 2) b. 3) b 1 . __ , $14,506 JU This thermometer, ndicating AGENDA'S financial status, wilt appear in I every issue from now through Decem ber. The black area indicates our I 1 987 revenues to date. The gray area indicates our expected revenues if I our monthly intake remains the same. The striped area indicates the I difference between our projected intake and our projected expenses tor I the rest of 1 987 (or what we NEED). That difference could be accounted fftr I f we sell 500 subscriptions (just 5% of our total circulation) by December. I I The In Pie V V This graph represents the breakdown of H Ê AGENDA'S income. B W Advertising is AGENDA'S main source B of income and has been since its inception. We extend our sincere thanks to all our advertisers and look forward to your continued support. ■ Advertising ■ ""f(nns SUPPORT AGENDA'S subscnpt.ons ADVERTSERS!, D Loans EU Petty Cash The Out Pie This graph represents the breakdown of AGENDA'S expenditures. AGENDA currently employs two full-time staff persons at a monthly salary of $600. This summer a half-time staff person joined the staff to help with the tremendous work load. Increased funds would enable the paper to hire more staff at better wages, and help AGENDA grow in content and circulation. l SUBSCRIBE-DONATE I ü Enter my one-year subscrlptlon to AGENDA __ - for $15 ($25 outslde USA) NAME LJ I support the work that AGENDA is dolng and am ___ - - willing to dónate an extra ADDRESS amount to see that the paper continúes to thrive. ----- AMOUNT ENCLOSED OTY-STATE-ZIP


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